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The Remont Six are a group of Soviet revolutionaries led by Iron Maiden. The other members include Titanium Man, Unicorn, Volga and the Snow Leopards. Their goals are based on the 'Remont' plan -- a rebirth of Soviet Russia to the glory days of Stalin.

The team began as the Remont Four under the leadership of Colonel-General Valentin Shatalov, who at the time wore the Crimson Dynamo Armor . Shalatov was the KGB official that engineered the disgrace of Bukharin so that he could become he could become the new Crimson Dynamo. Shalatov wanted to restore Russia to its former glory and formed the Remont Four as a means to that end. Under circumstances beyond his control, Shalatov was forced to help Iron Man defeat a crazed Titanium Man when he remotely had the Dynamo armor (which was being piloted by Tony Stark, kill the Titanium Man. Because this sanctioning was not "officially authorized" Shalatov was reassigned and the Dynamo armor was taken from him -- effectively dissolving the Remont Four for some time.

Reformed as the Remont Six the group features two of the original members. This group comes into conflict with the Winter Guard after they raid an AIM facility.

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