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Acid Spray
Acid Spray

Rumors had been spreading of a new Vulture who was terrorizing the underworld, feeding off the injured and dying. While Spider-Man was fighting off J. Jonah Jameson's new "Anti-Spider Squad", he heard a screaming from not to far away. He comes across a man dressed with red wings feeding off a helpless victim. Spider-Man jumps into stop the this new foe, but much to Spider-Man's surprise, this new Vulture has actual wings. Removing the Vulture's scarf that was covering his face, Spider-Man sees that his new Vulture is equipped with fangs. With his mouth exposed, the Vulture sprays some sort of acid into Spider-Man's face which started eating through his mask, and causing him to go blind.

Spider-man was able to use his Spider sense like radar and hurt the new vulture forcing him to flee. Spider-Man later healed from the acid and got his eye sight back. He laid a trap for the new Vulture webbing up a crook and then attacked Vulture. The two fought at a stadium causing Spider-Man's new popularity to be ruined but he beat the Vulture by breaking his arms.

Mayor Story Arcs


Electro breaks Vulture out of Ryker’s Island under orders from the Kravinoff’s. Once released, Vulture takes off and leaves Electro at the prison.

Electro frees Vulture
Electro frees Vulture

He returns to his hideout and smashes a mirror when he sees himself in it. He’s next seen attacking a former member of his mob family and is barely able to speak the words, “Why did you make me?” He explains that Jimmy Natale was once their greatest cleaner and that it was J. J. Jameson who created him. Vulture races to Jameson and breaks into his office with Spider-Man arriving just in time to intervene. After using his acid to burn through Spider-Man’s webs, Vulture has enough time to catch up to Jameson. Spider-Man catches up to him to find Vulture hovering over a body he thinks is Jonah’s, turns out to just be an aide. Spider-Man & Vulture continue to battle in the streets with Spider-Man using large webs to try to catch Vulture. However, between his razor sharp wings and acid spit it was no use. Vulture gets away but not before Spider-Man hits him with a tracer. Vulture goes after the same mob guy who lied to him about Jonah aboard his yacht and demanded the truth.

Jimmy “The Fixer” Natale was telling his mob bosses how their men were too inexperienced and were slackers. How they needed to instill some “motivational fear” into them. He introduced them to Dr. Charles Goss, who used technology similar to what created Scorpion. Jimmy’s bosses agreed, shot him in the leg and tossed him into the machine. Out came the Vulture. Spider-Man catches up to the tracer which the Vulture dislodged and left at his hideout, while the media discovers that Peter Parker doctored a photo to show Jameson saving the day against the Vulture.

Origin of the Species

Vulture vs. Freak
Vulture vs. Freak

New Vulture is seen among the various rogues after Menace’s goblin baby. Spider-Man is on the run with the baby in his arms when the Vulture attacks. Spider-Man kicks him in the face before the Freak shows up and crashes into Vulture. The two begin to fight while Spider-Man gets away. The two of them are next seen coming after Spider-Man together and attack him. Spider-Man pulls a water tower down on the Freak but loses the baby to Vulture. Only for Vulture to find that it’s really a bundle of trash bundled up. He turns around to be knocked out by Spider-Man.


Vulture fighting the Punisher
Vulture fighting the Punisher

The Vulture was hired by the Exchange to kill the Punisher after he had targeted the organization for committing a massacre at a wedding. The Vulture got the drop on Frank Castle crashing through the roof of a building and lifting him high above the streets of New York planning to drop Punisher to his death. The Punisher held onto the Vulture and they fought in the sky above the streets of New York. The Vulture severely wounded Castle but Frank gained the upper hand in the fight and stabbed the Vulture in his heart with a KA-BAR then drove his knife up through the Vulture's chin into his brain killing him.


The New Vulture was created in a lab by Professor Charles Goss who used similar tech used to create the Scorpion. This gave him the ability to fly without a mechanical harness, but rather the long sharp feathers coming from his arms. The feathers as well as his claws are razor sharp and his lower jaw comes out as two mandibles. He is also able to spit acid.

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