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is this film still in the pipeline or not.  ik Rose Mcgowan was supose to be Sonja idk if she still is or not. i think theese actreeses could be a good Sonja Megan Fox Erica Durance Laura Vandervoort Kate Beckensale Cassidy Freeman Charlotte Sullivan Famke Janssen Jeri Ryan those are the ones i can think of what do you guys think are my sugestions ok bad let me know what you think.
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 I updated Red Sonja's wiki to include more info on the proposed movie remake (at the very bottom of the page). The rights to make it changed hands and the new producer wanted to see how well the new Conan movie did before making Red Sonja. But Conan flopped so it seems unlikely they will go ahead with making Red Sonja. :( The new producer reportedly wanted to cast Amber Heard in the role. I think she has the features for it.
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they have to be stacked

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I think a tv show with Adrianne Palicki as Sonja instead of WW could have worked

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