Does anyone know how red skull's face got red?

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I was wondering about that when I was thinking about the new cap movie.   
Steve Rogers lives!
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He was accidentally exposed to the dust of death

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Captain America said he was cute and he blushed and it never went away

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Originally it was a mask , but a mishap involving his signature weapon the dust of death blasted him in the face. Somehow he survived
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thanks guys, i appreciate it!!!

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I was going to ask the same thing

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There have been alternative versions of the Red Skull: George Maxon's visage was a mask, he would later be killed off by Captain America and declared imposter.

Johann Schmidt was a recipient victim of his own Dust of Death chemical toxin which he had a counteragent/antidote in his blood stream.

the Communist Red Skull Albert Malik was an imposter and may had been wearing a mask as well. Three Red Skulls in existence, Schmidt the more popular.

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