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The Rebirth of Rage!

I have only purchased the past few issues which tie into both the 'Rise of the Third Army' and 'Rage of the First Lantern' story arcs, but I now understand why haven't purchased them before. Red Lanterns is a series which is a tad one dimensional. Rage! More rage! In the previous couple of issues we've had Rankorr struggle with being a Red Lantern, missing the joys of human life, wanting to be loved. However, it has all seemed a bit forced. The same can be said with Atrocitus' revelation in this issue. Once again I will not spoil the events in this issue, but to be fair, nothing much happens. It says it is part twelve of the 'Wrath of the First Lantern' story arc, but it features nothing that progresses the storyline in any way. In a nutshell, Atrocitus is angry that his anger isn't all it could be. Everyone else goes along with it. Oh, and Rankorr still has no luck dealing with his situation. Poor Rankorr. Boo Atrocitus. The art is the only reason I gave this issue a three star rating.

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