Scott Lobdell Off Red Hood And The Outlaws, James Tynion IV On

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Consider this a late Christmas present for DC Women Kicking Ass. But it seems that Starfire’s New Year resolution may be to stop hanging around on beaches, stretching in bikinis and doing impressions of goldfish.
I understand that with issue 18, Scott Lobdell will be off Red Hood And The Outlaws. He will be replaced by Scott Snyder protege,James Tynion IV.
Scott’s handling of the comic was a target for early critics on the New 52 and the comic hasn’t exactly won over the critics since.
Whether of not Starfire will wear something more suitable for battle and less suitable for posing in Supersuit Illustrated, I don;t yet know.

Urgh can't beileve there are people than whine about the costume(that she hasn't worn for months)

Anyway James Tynion IV, good or bad?


Bad news for the dozens of fans of Scott Lobdell's Red Hood and the Outlaws. The writer is rumored to be done with the book, being replaced by James Tynion IV with issue #18, presumably thanks to the influence of Scott Snyder, the sixth most powerful man at DC Comics and Tynion's biggest supporter, at least according to one industry insider who never gets these things wrong. The questionably necessary book, categorized by DC as part of the Bat Family but really more of a Teen Titans Xtreme, was attacked by nosy feminists from its launch because, for some reason, people found the notion of a bikini-clad Starfire fucking everything with a pulse somewhat objectionable.
"I'm not sure why people were so upset," said Lobdell in an interview that took place in our imagination. "All I wanted to do was tell stories that would leave a permanent mark on the characters. Look at what Jim Shooter did to Hank Pym. No one can look at the character without thinking, 'wife-beater.' Now no one will ever see ol' Kinky Kori without thinking about what a shameless skank she is. I've accomplished my mission."
Lobdell then wiped his ass with an issue of Marv Wolfman and George Perez's seminal Teen Titans run.
We also held an imaginary conversation with DC head honcho Dan Didio, who responded with a question of his own. "You need an explanation for why we replaced Lobdell on Red Hood and the Outlaws?" the mustachioed villain asked us. "Really?"
We then spoke fictitiously with another DC exec, Geoff Johns, who we found in his office with the lights dimmed, playing with an Aquaman action figure. "I had nothing to do with this," Johns told us sincerely. "But I'm not going to pretend I'm not relieved. Lobdell was writing almost as many books as me. We can't have that, can we."
We also attempted to speak to the final member of DC's unholy executive trinity, Jim Lee, but the artist wasn't in his office, and all we found after sweeping away the cobwebs was a note that read, "Off to work on more important stuff like video games. Be back in 2015."
Tynion is currently the writer of DC's Talon, so even if all 37 readers of Red Hood drop the book in protest, so long as Tynion can bring his own 43 fans over from Talon, the book will actually come out ahead.
This reporter enjoyed Lobdell's work on Superboy and continues to enjoy his work onTeen Titans and Superman, but found Red Hood to be a little bit juvenile for my tastes, which, coming from me, is really saying something. As far as we know, Lobdell will continue on Superman and Titans, unless Snyder decides to crush him completely with his growing influence.
Keep in mind that this story comes from Rich Johnston, who has been under constant attack from internet pundits and message board posters for the past two weeks, so, because we enjoy kicking a man when he's down, we'd just like to remind you that this may just be a false rumor and that Johnston is a big, fat jerk.

Written or Contributed by Jude Terror

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.....that guy comes off as a huge ass and his attempts at being funny are just sad

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Tynion > Lobdell

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She's been a bad ass in Red Hood. She wore the bikini for what 2 maybe 3 issues?

Edit: I can't find any source corroborating this. Sounds more like a rumor to shore up a slow news day. Or Bleeding Cool being douches again.

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That first qoute is written by an absolute moron failing at humor over something that was a non-issue a year and a half ago

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I like how both authors failed to realize that Scott Lobdell's Red Hood was a new york times best seller back in october or december.

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@briangsharon said:

Tynion > Lobdell

At this point of time, I just don't trust anyone else that is not lobdell to write this book.

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who's being the dick?!?! is scott lobdell a dick?? i don't get that dickish quote!!!

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Yeah this book sucks now. Bring back Lobdell please.

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