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Bad Heroes

Kenneth Rocafort is a great artist. I really like his paneling and I think that some of his facial expressions are hilarious and better for the story. I really like how he is drawing inside of the spaceship and he draws Gotham very well. The story is fairly good as well. I really like seeing mention to Jason before he became the Red Hood. I think him descending into darkness is the best part about the character. I really like how Tim actually includes Jason in things and I think that the references to Teen Titans #1, and Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 are great in this issue. 
I don't really like some of the expressions the artist draws. It worries me because I really want the Night of the Owls things to have a serious tone and I don't think this artist will be able to pull it off. 
THE VERDICT: 4/5 (Great) 
This series has been okay and then there are great issues. I think people who want to know about Jason and his current relationship with the Batfamily should be reading this because I think this states it loud an clear. I think if you want a fun story that doesn't take itself seriously, this is the issues for you. This also mentions stuff that I bet will be critical to the Batman Annual. 

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