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Lobdell, Blonde and Rocafort make one hell of a team 0

The Good: Red Hood and the Outlaws keep getting better and better each time I pick up the succeeding issues. Lobdell knows how keep his readers hooked, and wouldn't you know it? He has Starfire at the center of all the action. She's not naked, she's not having sex, she's actually kicking green alien-dinosaur ass, and quite articulately too might I add. Need I say more? Excellent art, well constructed plot, and well put together character dynamics. Lobdell, Blonde and Rocafort make one hell of a ...

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Argh! Addictive, but SUCH bad writing! 0

Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott! Lobdell that is. How do you write such TERRIBLE comic-cliched dialog, but maintain an engaging and interesting series at the same time? I'm referring to the massive monologue given in this issue by Crux, the 'announcing who I am just because that's what I do and in fact I say that's what I do for good measure' from Starfire, and the final page throwing in another bit of 'oh, by the way, here's what I'm going to do, just so you know' dialog. But I'm also referri...

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All Good in the Red Hood. 0

The Good: Between the somewhat cliched jokes, the college like humor and the fight scenes, Red Hood and the Outlaws has become my favorite of the new 52 books. The issue gave me a few laughs, it had a few action scenes and with the artwork it all mingled well. The issue spread out between the characters and focused a bit more on Starfire who had the main fight of the issue and is expanding her character as a warrior princess. This issue seems to be setting Roy up towards the next issue as a bigg...

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Starfire Unleashed 0

The Story: Red Hoood, Arsenal and Starfire travel to Colorado in search of The Untitled. While there Starfire is pursued by someone named Crux who wants to eliminate every Tamaran. My Thoughts:This series gets weirder each issue, but in a good way. When I initially saw the cover had some weird looking dragon on it, I was a little skeptical. Leave it to Scott Lobdell to find a way to make this fun and exciting. Much of the spotlight was placed on Starfire this issue as she is attacked by this dra...

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Arsenal and Starfire slowly get their due 0

This has been a hard series for me to fully get into, not only for the obvious controversy over Starfire's portrayal in issue #1, but also because the only character that seems to get any real significant development is Jason Todd. But that's part of this series strong points, since besides a not so spectacular introduction in issue #1, the Red Hood has received some really touching moments and strong character development, whose presence continues to be felt in this issue. In this chapter, howe...

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Starfire Gets to Shine 0

Scott Lobdell and Kenneth Rocafort are giving us stories of one of the most mixed-matched teams in comics currently. How does this creative team do with the team now that we are four issues in?  THE GOOD: I really like this artist. That is one thing that keeps me staying on this book because I really like how sketchy it is and I really like it. It's detailed and has a lot of character details. The story is the think that isn't clicking for me. I really like seeing Starfire fight in this issue. I...

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Red Hood And The Outlaws # 4 0

More outlaw thuggish to the bone going on here. Dilemmas occurring for this team. We have Red Hood and Red Arrow going blood sport and Starfire with some unwanted attention from this new villain Crux. This book is heavily entertaining, fun and action pack. I enjoy this series so far. Scott Lobdell is delivering very nicely. I'm excited to see more of this book. I rate this book a 4.0 of 5.0 rating.

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Don't Mind Haters, Just Keep Being Awesome 0

The Good: Oh good god, Kenneth Rocafort's art is just so awesome. He's got such a smooth flowing style, it's very unique and just screams at you "THIS SH*T IS AWESOME!"I'm once again appreciating this series' dedication to not being deep. It's not trying to trick you, I knows you're only reading this series for the awesome. Pretty much every female character who shows up is drawn very sexy and flirts with the main characters. Even Jason is drawn very suave. It's an equal opportunity shallow.It's...

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Valley 0

The issue has a funny start with Red Hood and Arsenal at the bar. This scene also reveals that Arsenal's vice in the new 52 was changed from being a drug addict to being an alcoholic. We get some slight development on the plot vis-a-vie who killed Red Hood's monk trainers, but then the book shifts to another antagonist and his beef with Starfire. It's a tried and true trope, but the fight is pretty good.Overall, it's an interesting issue, but I still have no idea what this book is really about. ...

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Honour-bound 0

I have been one of the biggest critics of this series thus far, but the cover here held a bit of hope for me and really it did until I read in about three words into the text.  I am still having a hard time wrapping my head around the frat boy attitude of Roy, and wish it would would either change or just go away.  The rest of the issue is not as bad though.  I do like the setup as Jason has to fight one of the members of the Untitled, but with the presence of Roy things seem a little weaker.  A...

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Someone Else's Spotlight 0

So this is the first issue where the focus isn't solely on Red Hood/Todd. It opens up with Roy Harper sitting in a bar in Colorado and monologueing (once again don't know if I spelled that right) about beer and drinking and alcholism and ironically how his sponser (Killer Croc) would be very unhappy with him for placing himself in a position of temptation. He also talks about how Croc would be displeased with him hanging out with trouble makers and then we see Todd beat up a few hicks over a bar...

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