god_spawn's Red Hood and the Outlaws #13 - The Moon's Up, and the Sun's Down -- and a Thousand Starry Eyes Have Caught Me Dying! review

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Time to go back to Earth..

Haven't written a review in awhile, so heeeeere we go.

Good: Let's start off with the action. The action was solid and provided enough room for Starfire to take center stage again with Roy providing narration. Watching Starfire and Blackfire mow down Blight forces was pretty cool. We get some quick action spots of Roy, Jason, and Orn so they could get some face time. I really liked DePalo's scene too. He wasn't a major character and it might have been a little cliched of a scene, but hitting the self-destruct mechanism for the ship, sitting in solitude enjoying the moment and taking out the Blight mothership was cool. My favorite part was when Blackfire got the spear through her stomach and Kori went nova and just leveled every thing was awesome. Roy's commentary about just added a bit of a laugh. So the action was good, dialogue and narration flowed smooth and the interactions between Starfire and Blackfire was great and the added mention of Blackfire willing to sacrifice Kori opens up future story options. And the end with Joker getting a Red Hood mask just added a nice hanger for the issue as the Outlaws and Isabel head back to Earth. And Green's art fit every scene perfectly IMO. What I really like about this book is how every character gets enough face time. This past arc Kori really stepped up and Roy on commentary was good. No one character is overshadowing another and I love this book for it.

Bad: I don't think there was a whole lot bad. I think some of the scenes were a bit cliched and they put a lot in the issue so I felt some things slightly rushed or compact. Other than that, no complaints.

Recommended: Yes.

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