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RHTO #0 0

Long time no see hoodies, we now take a break from your regularly scheduled mayhem to bring you the New 52 origin of Jason Todd. Now in many of my past reviews i have stated that the 0 issues didnt really interest me, but this has always caught my eye and i intended to pick it up. Pasqual Ferry is doing the art this time around, and idk if Green II will return but Ferry has to step up to the plate to illustrate the tragic fate that is Jason Todd, but on to the review.THE GOOD:We start off in a h...

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The Psychotic Perspective: Red Hood and the Outlaws #0 0

Everyone Has To Start SomewhereI’m a big fan of all the Robins, but I have been vastly disappointed in Scott Lodbell’s work with my favorite Robin, Tim Drake, in Teen Titans. For this reason, I was surprised to find that he is doing very solid work with Jason Todd in Red Hood and the Outlaws. Before this, I’ve only read issue #12, but I thought it was very entertaining. Granted, the costumes needed improvement, and I felt a few panels were unnecessary, but overall I was very pleased with the iss...

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Red Hood and the Outlaws #0 0

THE GOOD:  The art is fairly good in this issue. Kenneth Rocafort is no longer drawing but Pasqual Ferry does a fairly good job at drawing the life of Jason Todd. His style is very simple and sometimes a little quirky. The expressions are minimal but strong in this issue. The backup feature has very strong art with a sketchy feeling to it and very strong emotions. The story is telling us the new origin of Jason Todd. It does a good job at making Jason come off as likable in a bad situation. Seei...

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Jason Todd's From Child to Red Hood 0

I have really liked this series and have grown to love all the characters. I originally got this series only being a fan of Red Hood and even then I have only been a fan of the Jason since he became Red Hood (didn't like him as Robin). I was never a fan of Starfire and had only really known Roy through his stint in the JLA. I have also liked how in this series although Red Hood's name is on the comic all three characters are treated equally (apart from the fact that this issue is just Red Hood w...

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It's All Part of The Master Plan.... 0

THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!The Story:The new DCnU origin of Jason Todd is told here. This story takes him from his hard luck beginnings, to becoming Robin and ultimately his death at the hands of the Joker. Some things have changed and some have stayed the same. Overall, the character of Jason Todd in this tale hasn't changed a great deal compared to the pre-Flashpoint DCU.The Good:I enjoyed Lobdell's thoroughness with fleshing out his background. We see him from the very beginning and we'r...

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Red Hood and The Outlaws #0 Review 0

The Story: Red Hood and the Outlaws #0 focused all on Jason Todd's origin in this issue (which didn't make sense to put Starfire and Arsenal on the cover). His new origin goes through his rough childhood from his thug father and how he was a bit of a young juvenile teen. When he ran into Batman one night, Dr. Leslie Thompkins convinced Batman to give him a chance. With that Bruce Wayne took him into his family and trained him to use his skills in fighting crime instead of creating it as the next...

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I loved this new 52 reboot 0

I don't have much of a reason other than putting the joker at the centre of Jason's past makes sense and is a great take on it. Scott Lobdell knows what he is doing and seems to have a full arc ready much like a TV series with different seasons I love the series because I love red hood but adding a friendship with another ex-sidekick makes it exciting. This reboot in my opinion is way better than teen titans....

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