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Hangman's Justice!

While riding with Randy, the kid comes across an unarmed man being attacked by three gunmen. The kid shot one of the attackers, but the other two got away with their victim. To make matters worse, upon returning to the nearby town of Hondo to inform the sheriff, the kid is informed that the man he shot was one of the town's most prominent citizens, who had been issued an arrest warrant for the man who appeared to be the bush-wacking victim! The Kid is arrested, tried, and found guilt of murder!

While sitting in his cell, awaiting his death by hanging, Kid witnesses two men fleeing a bank they set on fire. With the help of Randy and his horse, The Kid breaks free, and sets out to get to the bottom of things. Following the men to a hideout six miles from Hondo, they discover that the judge who sentenced The Kid was actually a member of a criminal gang, who had replaced the real judge. He owed a fortune to the bank, and destroyed it to cover up the records of his debt. As the kid uses his incredible speed and skill to get the drop on the bandits, the fake judge rallies the town citizens to form posses to hunt down The Rawhide Kid. Unfortunately for him, The Kid arrived on scene with the real judge and exposed his sham.

Six-Gun Scholar!

While riding with The Rawhide Kid, Randy is lassoed by two men. When The Kid draws his guns on them, one of the men identifies himself as the district trustee, and demands to know why Randy is not in school. While The Kid is furious over their methods, he concedes that the boy should be in school, and goes into the town of Tumbleweed to enroll him.

Upon arriving in town, The Kid is told that to enroll Randy, he must pay $50 for tuition, despite the fact that public schools in the territory are supposed to be free. When the kid leaves, however, the man converses with his partner, admitting it's a scam.

After school, Randy finds himself bullied by the son of the district trustee, but is soon besting him in a brawl; when the district trustee intervenes with his bull-rope, lassoing Randy. While things look bleak for Randy, the rope is shorn by a bullet fired by The Rawhide Kid. The kid lays out the trustee and his son, warns them to leave Randy alone, and departs.

The next day, the trustee's son gloats to Randy that The Kid is going to be killed today, which send Randy riding as fast as he can after The Kid to warn him of the impending peril. Arriving just in time, The Rawhide Kid out-draws the trustee and his assistant, and after revealing the the sheriff has been given their cooked books, drives them away from town for good.

Trouble on the Trail

The Last Victim of Husk Grant!

Ambush Gang!

Riding alone, Randy is kidnapped by a gang of outlaws. Thankfully, he was able to get enough of a shout out for The Rawhide Kid to hear him. While the kid missed the abduction, he set out to track his his charge and the men who abducted him. Unfortunately, the trail soon goes cold.

Meanwhile, in an undisclosed mountain location, Randy is forced to sing a letter saying he is safe and sound. One of the man takes the note to The Rawhide Kid and uses it to blackmail him into robbing a stage coach. The kid jumps the stage coach, but ensures that the driver lands safely when he was tossed out. Before leaving the stage, The Kid cuts open the stage's sandbox, ensuring an easy trail to the outlaw's hideout. The kid follows the trail, easily gets the drop on the gang, rescues Randy, and returns the Stage's gold. All in a day's work!







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