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Note: This issue features the first appearance of the Rawhide Kid.

Features Include

The Rawhide Kid

Our story begins with a tall, blond cowboy dismounting from his horse, Apache; to investigate a cry for help. The cowboy finds two bushwhackers assaulting an old man’s ranch; and quickly disarmed them two shots from his gun, fired with uncanny accuracy! Unfortunately, before the cowboy could completely subdue the bushwhackers, one of them got the drop on the old man and shot him in the back.

With the threat neutralized, the stranger finds himself staring down the barrel of a Winchester rifle held by a young boy named Randy and his uncle Cash. The boy tells the stranger that this isn’t the first time men had come to scare them off the ranch, but with his father dead, the ranch belongs to him now, and he intends to fight for it; mistakenly thinking the stranger was responsible for his father’s death. The stranger cracked his whip to spook the boys horse, and made his escape; but no further had he rolled out of sight then his uncle pistol-whipped him, explaining that he had sent the killers, and he intended to kill Randy, as well!

Back in town, the stranger speaks to the sheriff, who explains to him that should Randy die, his uncle would inherit the ranch. Sensing what had happened, the stranger mounted his horse and took off to find the young man. Following tracks leading away from the ranch, the stranger found Randy in a cave, tied to a stalagmite, with his uncle about to do him in. Springing into action, the stranger lassoed the villainous Cash, disarming him in the process. Cash attempted to fight back, but in the scuffle, he was knocked back on to a short, sharp stalagmite; killing him.

With Randy freed, the stranger introduces himself as The Rawhide Kid, much to Randy’s surprise; as the young man had been told stories about The Kid by his father. With no family left, The Rawhide Kid agreed to take on Randy as his partner, becoming his guardian.

The Menace of White-Face!

The unfortunately named story The Menace of White Face begins with Randy being thrown from his horse while crossing a bridge with The Rawhide Kid. Thankfully, The Kid’s lightning-fast reflexes kick in and he lassos the young man before he can plummet to his doom. Unfortunately, the horse has broken its leg and Randy must put it down.

Traveling to the nearest ranch, The Kid and his young partner look for a new horse for Randy. Unfortunately, the rancher informs him that an outlaw named White-Face has been menacing the territory; and has already killed their sheriff. The kid took the sheriff’s badge vowed to stop White Face himself. Returning to town, The Kid didn’t have to wait long before a posse of outlaws rode up, lead by a man a white hood – the infamous White Face! While Randy takes a swing at one of the outlaws, White Face pistol-whips him, knocking him out and leveling his gun at The Rawhide Kid. Unfortunately for the outlaw, he’s no match for The Rawhide Kid, who draws and fires so quickly that he is able to disarm the entire posse before they can get off a single shot.

White Face flees, with The Kid giving chase. White Face leads the chase to the valley where he hid the livestock he’d stolen, and sets them stampeding. Unfortunately, his saddle is broken and he slips off his horse to the ground, where he is trampled to death by the stampede.

Wrong Man

The Death of Wyatt Earp!

The Sioux Strike

The Rawhide Kid and Randy come upon a dead man with what appear to be Sioux arrows sticking out of him. The kid recognizes the un-scalped corpse as a trap just in time, as the tribe descend on them. Coming to a nearby rope bridge, The Rawhide Kid cuts instructs Randy to cross the bridge, while he cuts the rope before jumping the canyon. Escaping the Sioux, The Kid want to know why the tribe is on the warpath after months of peace. The local Indian Agent informs The Kid that the Sioux has been a problem ever since their chief, Mighty Bear, died; leaving his son Tall Eagle as the new chief. Unfortunately, Tall Eagle disappeared, leaving Sagnak the medicine man in charge; and Sagnak wants nothing more than to drive the white man out of the west.

Infiltrating the Sioux camp, The Rawhide Kid tricks the medicine man into believing he was the spirit of Mighty Bear, and in doing so discovered where Tall Eagle had been stashed. The Kid rides hard to rescue the rightful Chief, with Randy by his side. The Rawhide Kid reached the site of Tall Eagle’s would-be execution, but was able to out-fight the captors, rescuing Tall Eagle; who had Sagnak killed, and swore that the warpath would end.







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