This is gonna sound really really stupid.

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This is gonna sound really stupid but okay I was reading her character page and it says that in her first body she wore Indian style clothing during college.  So this is gonna sound stupid but is Raven Indian or white?

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@daak1212: white...... i think? wells she is a demon so...
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Well, her cultural background comes from Azarath, which may have Indian influence.  Arella, her mother, was white in her few comic book portrayals.

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They were never quite definite on that. Technically she's only half human...and they really don't go too much into her mother's heritage (if at all).  Perhaps, because Indian culture is most similar to Azarathian, she wears their clothes? Not quite sure.  But no, it's not stupid, just a curious question.
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There was never any indicator that Raven had any Indian roots (she has a european complexion (shes as white as Wally and Dick are) after all and her mother had a Jewish surname), her dress in one issue just looked like it came from there combined with the chakra stone. 
Btw, Raven's page is littered with bugs that should be corrected one day.

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she's part demon part caucasian human
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According to what Raven told Starfire, who passed it on to Tim & Co back in issue 8 or somewhere close to it, Arella used to be Angela Roth from Gotham, who was born into a religious house where God meant more than anything else where we see her father berates her of playing too loud music that would offend the church and her mother,this there's even a crucifix on the wall of her bedroom. As for heritage, we can look at her surname; Roth, for clues. I mentioned it was possibly Jewish, but it can also be English in origins. Perhaps her ancestors were Catholics escaping to new lands when England was pretty hostile towards them (as it was during much of the Tutor-dynasty), this is ofc assuming her family-line stretches back that far.

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