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Can anyone tell me what was the point of reducing Ravens age so she went from an adult to a child(and going through high school after she had been to college)?It bugged me to no end.

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Storywise I suppose it was probably so she wouldn't appear drastically older and larger than Sebastian Blood...but personally I think Geoff Johns thought it an ace move so he could pair her up with Beastboy and ape the cartoon that started up around the same time.

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Raven succumbed to her demon side and became Dark Raven. During this stage she wrecked Starfire and Nightwings wedding and she implanted her good soul in Starfire. Later the Titans had no other choice but to destroy her body and her soul was set free to wander the world.

Thats when Brother Blood trapped her soul inside a new body, a 16 year old body.

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Raven became a sixteen-year old again because the new Brother Blood wanted to marry her for some prophecy he heard. To me, I think this is an excuse for Geoff John to pair her up with Beast Boy which I think it's a terrible idea, it's even worst when I figured it out why he did such a thing!

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