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Hi, I'm new to comic vine and I'm asking for a little help from you guys. I've always been interested in Raven from Teen Titans and recently I've read some info on her. I have an idea for a series or a movie about Raven and her orgins. So if you have any info or suggestions, maybe some comments on if anyone is already doing this please let me know. Thanks for your help.
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I add a lot of information about Raven (and new images) recently. I hope I helped you with that. haha..I earn some points in just a day...haha =D..Sorry I am new at this. =D 

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Just a question, what is your opinion on her relationship, or lack-there-of, with Beast Boy?

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i am new at the site

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I think it's more of denied love kinda thing. There both on different ends of the social flow, so it makes it hard for them to relate. But i do like the pairing and I feel it develops Beastboy and Raven's charater.

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