Raven Confirmed for 'Injustice: Gods Among Us'

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#151 Posted by detective38 (215 posts) - - Show Bio

Man she can even pull out Trigon!!!

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#152 Posted by mfundo (1717 posts) - - Show Bio

@impossibilly: LOL dude

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#153 Posted by GREGalicious (599 posts) - - Show Bio

Im loving RAVEN in the game and although I understand they are trying to make her voice sound demonic, im not a huge fan of it's tone. I would still prefer BLACK CANARY, VIXEN, and TOMORROW WOMAN however.

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#154 Edited by Vaeternus (9558 posts) - - Show Bio

@supes1903 said:

So... now we know which character got Ermac's move set. I'm incredibly excited for this game but I'm getting a little frustrated seeing some of these characters and their move sets are basically a copypasta job from MK9. If you watch the Superman vs Sinestro video and then look up any of Shang Tsung's moves from MK9, you'll see what I mean.

Not a copy and paste job, being an MK high level player myself and an Ermac user lol. The only thing they did was give her some similar TK moves but still very different, for one Ermac didn't have two styles, Raven does a Demon stance apparently and a normal stance(thanks to my pro/tester friends who played it at PAX recently)

Just think about it, they're not copying MK's move sets per-se any more then MVC3 copied some SF "supers" being as how those games are made by Capcom if you think about it, they're just giving these characters moves based on the character with a similar "style" running on a modified MK9 engine. Ermac is a powerful TK ninja, who can teleport but Raven if you notice while some of her attacks are TK based, also has magic pillars which hit you from below, a weird, fast teleport very different from Ermac's and she's always flying/floating where as Ermac was grounded(except for one move that had to be commanded)

And Superman and Sinestro aren't anything like Shang, if anything Raven's demon stance with her pillars hitting you from below are similar to Shang's fireballs...

Another thing I've noticed very different from MK, MK didn't have push block option, clash option and the supers in this game can cancel out any on going onslaught of combos(unlike MK where you could only do so via breaker, no breaker no chance lol) not to mention the interactive elements directly which MK didn't have(past MK's have but not MK9)

At any rate, Raven looks sick.

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