Live action series for Raven?

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According to IGN, The CW might be thinking about producing a series about Teen Titans member Raven.
Diego Gutierrez, who worked on V, is writing the script. How would that even work? Obviously, you would need to add the Teen Titans as characters. This almost sound like a worse idea than "The Graysons" that was going to feature Robin. Is the CW that desperate to find a show to replace Smallville?

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Aren't they going to replace Smallville with a Wonder Woman t.v. show? and i think it'll be cool to have a show for Raven, only if they came out with a Teen Titans live action movie first.

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Damn, I used the search forums and checked Raven's profile to see if anyone made a topic of this. Guess I didn't look hard enough.

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Yeah I just saw this, I guess I can see how it would do okay... in the MID-90's.
...but then again there's Twilight so..

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Possibly it can be good, depends on the writer. 
And if it makes it's way to the screen, perhaps it will finally penerate the skulls of DC that she (and Garfield for that matter) really needs to move past Teen Titans. 

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I dont know about a live action Raven show, I mean yeah she an important person in the teen titans and in comic books. her own show thoe  really.   

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