In the DCnU when and where?

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So the DCU has become the DCnU and everything has been turned on its head, with a number of characters that have been in print almost constantly for the last decade having taken a back seat for now, Raven included.
As everything is still pretty new and a lot of history still to uncover, we on this board are left to wonder what all of this will mean for Raven;  

-Where will she make her first appearance outside of flashbacks?
-How much of her current history remains intact and how much has been altered?
-Who is she this time?
-What changes have been made to her costume?
-Is there anyone in her life? If so, who?

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I imagine we will know more when we learn how intact the History of the Titans is.  We've been told that the history isn't suppossed to be affected much, but the setup for TT #1 leaves one to imagine that Geoff's run may have recieved some major tweeks and the new JLA could hold some conflicts with Wolfram's era. 
If they overhaul her completely she will probably appear in either JL Dark or Frankenstien making her First trip to earth to stop (or possibly help) her father. There's a possibilithy she could tie to the Demon's new book, but it would be a stretch.
However, if her past is left as it was, she will probably stay the same as she is now, with simply a costume change. The only problem with this is she porbably won't show up in any of the main titles if she isn't geting much of a retooling. Really, if she remains the same, tyhe most we can hope for is a featured story in "DCU Presents" or "My Greatest Adventure" 
Then again, she could be one of the characters who gets a mini series down the line. Hell, If Penguin can get one you'd think she would deserve one. 
As for who is in her life. That also depends on how affected her history is.  A big retooling (which would probably just reintroduce her) would mean basically no one in her life except for who ever she meets in the first few issues. But if her past is mostly untouched I imagine she will have the same friends and relations she has now. 
I'm sure alot of people don't want to hear it, but If she has any romantic relationship, it will almost assuredly be with Gar.  There weren't too many thing from Krul's run that could carry over, but the two elements he drove from first to last issue was the relationships between Con/Rose and Gar/Raven.  We already know that Conner and Rose will have a would be on/off romance in his solo title and if that remains, a more established relationship like Gar and Ravens has a strong chance of enduring as well. 
Especially when you consider that DC already used the reboot to break up Clark and Lois as well as Barry and Iris.  I doubt DC would break up every couple they had without it looking like a pattern,  so the couples with less focus will probably endure just so they can show that not everything was change in the same "cookie-cutter" fashion
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I keep hearing that the Wolfman/Perez run of Teen Titans is still canon, so Raven should have the same back story. She should also still be kicking around... somewhere. Birds of Prey wouldn't be a bad place for her to resurface.

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From my own intel it so far seems like John's run on TT (the last 100 issues), Young Justice and possibly everything back to the end of Wolfman's run on NTT (stopping with #130) has been erased, as Lobdell/Lee/Johns has mentioned between them that theres been one team of Teen Titans before the Lobdell-Titans gather, the old team had Dick Grayson, Roy Harper and Starfire as definite members, and Cyborg has been called 'a Titan to be' by Lee in his design notes.
I agree that having her actually appear in Demon Knights is unlikely, unless she is revamped into something thats definitely not a Teen or if she aquires time travelling powers . However i could easilly see her back story appearing in it, namely that Trigon could show up along with the first Brother Blood and the first Azar.  
While i agree that JLD is the most likely place for her to pop up, i wouldnt have minded at all if she had joined Gail's BoP, this new version...I'm not sure what to think about them yet.
As for shipping, considering that Johns run is voided, i consider it unlike that the thing with Gar will have survived, since it was something Johns created...i honestly never understood where he got it as the pair never had anything in the past (like thought bubbles that had one party wish to be the same age as the other so they would fit), but i wont harp anymore on it. If anything, its probably more likely that Linda Park gets the short end of the stick and the Wally/Raven ship resurfaces.
Another intesting question about her is; is Trigon still making her life a living hell or not?

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I hadn't heard that Jhon's run wasn't relevant anymore (quite a mistake if you ask me) However if that's the case then virtually anything is possible. Lodell mentioned that he had a re-imagining of Raven he wanted to use in outlaws but the uppers nixed the idea. That either means that there are plans for her somewhere or they just really didn't like what he wanted to do with her. As for her relationship with Wally, that's even more up in the air than Gar Considering we have no clue if Wally is even around now. We don't know if Gar will be in any books, but we do know that no-one is using his code name or running around with with the same power/limitation sets as him. But for Wally, both Flash and Kid Flash are spoken for. Before they do anything with him they will need to finsd a place and new identity for him. Sad really, I liked him so much more than Barry and Bart put together.

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Well, it's hasn't been spelled out, but its hard to imagine Johns-Teen Titans remaining if Lobdell brings Tim, Conner, Bart and Cassie together for the first time (which he has said is the case).

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I'm want her to appear in JL Dark, it's a perfect fit for her! Better than Zatanna.

I am hoping she is making an appearance soon, though, I think I can wait for a couple months or a year until she finally show her face. Her character needs a break from all the abuse she has been taking.

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@Adnan said:

@Outside_85: I could've sworn Lobdell said that one of the characters he wanted to "re-imagine" for Redhead Outlaws was Raven, but she was "nixed" (he also couldn't use Crimson Avenger for the same reason, I think) Perhaps someone is working on an unannounced Raven-related title to be released later on?

@DarkShadows: I like both characters but what does, in this circumstance, Raven have over Zatanna? With John Constantine, Xanadu, and Enchantress appearing in JLD, no Zatanna would've...just not have been right, imo.

I agree Zatanna fits in perfectly for the case, though what puzzle's me is where Dr. Fate is as of right now. But Raven appearing in later in the series doesn't sound bad at all.

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Raven was spotted!
Backgound img of the TT preview on one of Tim's screens.
@Adnan: For the notion of Raven>Zatanna in JLD, something I share btw, is that Raven is actually 'dark' whereas Zatanna is the cheerleader of the DC magicians (people go to her more than they do Fate, and hes the more powerful one). Reason I see it this way is because of Raven's past and heritage with Trigon and all that comes with it, on top of that Raven's mostly feared and considered a threat by most others (warrented or not). Whereas Zatanna only recently lost her father, bears no stigmatizing/haunting mark from her mothers death, she's a world famous stage magician, highly respected and well liked in the caped community (even with the Bruce). If anything Zatanna should be on the main Justice League team, in place of Mera who's probably the closest thing they have to a mage there, and not some covert team that the public is best left unaware of.

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I thoght Zatanna and Raven were both going to be in JL Dark

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@Outside_85:I've never really thought of Zatanna as the "cheerleader of the DC mages", but now that I think about it...I can see where you're coming from. And damn, I'm actually kinda scared about what Lobdell could do with Raven if he got his hands on her...

@DEGRAAF: That's what I initially thought as well...

I'm personally hoping Raven's being held back from appearing because they're preparing a Trigon-centric mini-event or something. It's been awhile since he's appeared proper, I think.

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@Adnan said:

I'm personally hoping Raven's being held back from appearing because they're preparing a Trigon-centric mini-event or something. It's been awhile since he's appeared proper, I think.

thats a good idea although i would rather see Trigon as a main event, pull the leagues together type of villain trying to turn the world in to the new hell or something

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@DEGRAAF said:

@Adnan said:

I'm personally hoping Raven's being held back from appearing because they're preparing a Trigon-centric mini-event or something. It's been awhile since he's appeared proper, I think.

thats a good idea although i would rather see Trigon as a main event, pull the leagues together type of villain trying to turn the world in to the new hell or something

It is a good idea, and Trigon is certainly a force too big for any regular hero to handle...kinda like a satanic version of Darkseid, just Superman cant win a boxing match against him. (Wouldnt mind if Trigon was re-invented as the prime evil of DC Hell)
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@Outside_85: Yea, he could fight with his demons but they would need the powers of Justice League Dark to accomplish locking him away

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From Teen Titans #1, it seems Raven will be back in TT in the near future. It appears like she's gone missing, feared kidnapped and her mother is looking for her. So maybe her whole history has been changed?

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@Baddamdog: Think actually Raven and the missing girl are unrelated unless Azerath has been discarded completely, the girl could be Black Alice or Tracy 13 (Both Beast Boy and Stafire appear on the screens as well).
News; Lobdell seems to intend to write her. (Personally I think this is really bad news, mostly because of Lobdell and what he's done in DC so far)
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@Adnan: You know...i had really, really, hoped that this reboot would have Raven appear somewhere other than in TT...lets face it, she's as old as Nightwing and the others but the only place she ever seems to appear is the damn TT titles...move her out of it damnit!
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@Adnan said:

@Outside_85 said:

News; Lobdell seems to intend to write her. (Personally I think this is really bad news, mostly because of Lobdell and what he's done in DC so far)

I feel the same way, and I'm afraid our fears have been confirmed. Lobdell says here that he intends to bring Raven into TT in roughly 5 issues. The fact that she didn't end up being tied to the dark books, and instead is on TT despite not being a teenager anymore annoys me in particular, the fact that Lobdell will probably 'reinvent' her appearance annoys me even more.

I just want her back, so it's not phasing me much that Lobdell will be writing her. I mean it would be nicer to see a better writer for TT in general but thats a whole other story. But I have a feeling he is not gonna stick with his word seeing that this culling event is probably distracting him. And I really hope they don't use that awful design people are posting.

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