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So, she's going to go evil again or something? (Well, at least she has a part in Flashpoint, but I didn't imagine it this way...)
I haven't been keeping up. I haven't buy any new comics in a while.

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Possibly, as i read it the Secret Seven tie-in is more a story of Shade the Changing Man trying to uncover a murderer before his team is killed off, again.

Also with the switch John's pulled with Batman, we cant as of yet be entirely sure this is Raven and not possibly a transformed Arella.

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Interesting idea. A transformed Arella. Though, we're not entirely sure if it is actually Arella because she's dead but her body was never discovered...? Bleh, my head is a little fuzzy. I sometime wish I was born somewhere near the early or mid-seventies that way I can read the story about Raven forming the New Teen Titans and so on. Luckily, I did search the web and did find some important details and facts...

Anyways, going back to the topic, all we have to do is wait and see. And I really like your theory, it works in someways.

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That's a sweet picture of Raven (if that is her) I'm looking forward to her turning evil again....Give her a chance to show off more of her potential.....

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Nice pic of Raven. I'm praying that's really Raven so they let her turn loose this time around.
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Come on Jason...stop your woman from goin' on rampages.

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I see Zatanna in the back ground ;O

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