If Raven and Beast Boy had a kid

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Since I am a BB/Rae fan I can't help but wonder, if Raven and Beast Boy had a kid what powers would that kid have?
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Code Name: Blaze II
File Name: (Victor Mark Logan if boy Donna Marie Logan  If Girl)  

Ht/Wt: 5''9"/ 175 lbs (Boy) 5'6"/125 (Girl)  
 Indigo/ Green


Morphogenic Web (Like Vixen's) Dad 
Predatorial instincts (instinctively knows what kind of powers his enemy has and how to beat them--like Forge's but more towards breaking apart bonds instead of finding the connection) Dad evolved 
Super senses Dad 
Healing Factor Dad  
Fangs/Claws (no...not the ones that come out of your knuckles) Dad 
Pathological immunity/ Immunity to biological Weapons Dad     
Feral Self (like Raven's soul self but he/she taps into the baser instincts of the target causing animalistic behavior) Both Evolved  
Animal Empathy (talking to animals) Both Evolved  
Teleportation (via dimensional shifting) Mom
Empathy (feeling emotions) Mom 
Magical Resistance Mom 
Hellraiser/berserker rage (a "side effect" of his demononic heritage and his/her inherited animal instincts) Both Evolved  
----Pyrokinesis (Flame Blasts) In Hellraiser Mode only  Mom/"Grandpa"
----Psychic essence absorption like Rogue (but only skills and abilities not powers) Mom  


Expert Martial Artist (Due to Training from Uncle Dick OR Aunt Donna) 
Expert Computer Programmer/Hacker/Engineer (Due to Association with Uncle Vic) 
Capable Strategist/ Tactician (due to family history) 
Expert in Magic or at least a vast knowledge in the Magical world (due to family history)   


Outgoing personality 
Attractive (due to "exotic" look) 
leadership potential     

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It would be a demon dog with magical powers!
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turn into spirit animals made pure dark energy

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Using animated Beast's words "Fashinating"
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How so? 

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Because your version of an ofspring was fashinating
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Thank you it seemed fitting
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Kid could be a druid or have the power control his/her shadow. 
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Depends, Gars powers wouldn't nessesarily be hereditary.  and as Raven is half demon, a child with Gar would be a forth demon at most. It's kinda a wild card.
However, as Raven is a Hybrid, there is a chance that she could be steral, as most hybrids in nature are infertile.  Demon magic may over ride that, but who's to say.
The important thing to remeber here is that Raven is a child from rape, and most kids born from rape have a very bad view of sex.  So it would take a good long time before she would be ready to go all the way with Gar.  Esspecially when you consider that the only guy she ever came close to sleeping with turned out to be a guy who was using her and ended up trying to drain her of her life force.

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@Warman: I love Raven too much. So I wouldn´t like that! I would love to see her with someone like Zachary Zatanna or Joey.  
But..I think you will like this: 
=)  Its not mine but I enojoyed it =D. (And I dont even like the couple) xD 
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I can see some grounds for Raven and Joey working out (If they fixed all the damage done to him in the past years) But I'll never understand how you could want her to be with Zatarra. He is such a selfish errogant jerk (which makes him entertaining to read, but certainly not someone who could work with someon as mature and complicated as Raven)  He would get frustrated and give up at the first sing of trouble. 
Raven needs someone patient. Somebody who can stand by her during all the trouble and drama her life will always have it's share of.  Joey could definately handle that, but even better than him I think Gar has what it takes.  In spite of the horrible writing he's been under, he's certainly one who will never give up on her.
Also i hope none of this comes off as disrespect for your opinions, as that is not intended at all.
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@Beast_in_the_Shadows:  I understand perfectly your opinion about Zatara. hehe...I know he is arrogant and selfish but I found him acting seriously while Raven is around. (Apart from that It would be interesting to see him deal with her problems and I really want to see Rae more normal...like an adolecent. In Titans she was better portrayed as a 17 year-old girl..but in Teen Titans...is another case xD  ) 
Her relationship with Joey used to be just a fantastic friendship. I found him caring for her too much sometimes (and it was sweet to see that). I would love to see Raven involved with another villian (apart from Trigon or brothers) like Slade. You know...Joey with his problems with Slade... 
I think Ravenger likes her. You know..after all she revived his brother =O 
By the way...Where is Joey?? hahahaha. He just disappeared in Teen Titans 79 xD (he was with Slade I remember). Does he have his eyes or not? xD 
I would love to imagine a baby from Raven and Joey. It would so...so...CUTE!. Joey is handsome! =D haha. Sorry...But I love how his chest has been drawn lately. He is like an Adonis =p haha. A blonde kid with those "amazing cool eyes" (like Wally said once) 
Can you imagine how much Slade would be amazed with this!!!??? (It would be the start of another sick plan FROM him xD  )  
That is my problem with Gar. He acts like her dog while he is around her. Raven in Titans hated that. (And I can understand her perfectly)
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Joey does have his eyes again.  They just grew back with no reason given.  It was a real cop-out.
As for how Gar acts around her, you have to admit that most of that is poor writing.  Their relationship had a wonderfully slow build up under Geoff's pen and you got to see alot of devotion between the two as well as many points of common ground.  Instead of getting them together right away in one issue Geoff seeded his run with tiny moments and hints so that when they finally did get together it felt more natural.  The only problem was that he took so long to get them there that once it happened ONe Year Later kicked in and we didn't get to see how they were together.  It was all left to other writer's to cover in the little bits we'd see of them in 52.
Then after that Gar had to suffer under several writers who choose to by-pass all the developing he had done during his mini series and Geoffs run.  It's a real shame that because so many writers just write him off a  a goof that all the readers who get introduced to him in their pages loose interest in a character that has so much potential.
Fortunately it looks like JT has a real good grasp with him so maybe he can undo all the damage Gar has been subject to in the past years.

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i am ravens son.

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this is the best forum i have read

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Raven and Beast Boy would never have a kid. Hell they would never even get married. All the BBRAE fans make this relationship seem bigger than what it is.

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@supernategames: We can daydream about it can't we?Everyone has an. Imaginatinon.

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Lol I was wrong about them never getting married. I just watched the new TT Go!

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A dude with purple fur with Beast Boy's powers from Kingdom Come, ie being able to transform into mythical/imaginary creatures. Code name Mythos.

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I have my own world of a character for their daughter:

Name:Sparrow Angela Logan


Code Name:Sparrow

Ht/wt:6'0 101 LB

Eyes/hair:Dark Blue((once Indigo)) Brown hair


Powers and Abilities:

She has all the abilities of both her parents but she uses her mother's side more pften due to her being half demon


Martial Arts ((Trained by Dick Grayson))

Gymnastics ((Dick))

Good with Technology ((School))

Expert in Magic ((due to heritage))

Highly Attractive

Leadership Potential

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"Cries at his old The New Teen Titans comics"

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I've thought about this before and I came up with the idea that the kid can only change into demonic and mystic animals.

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There's a bit of precedent for the demon transformation stuff. When Gar was infected with the Trigon seed, he was turning into demonic creatures and such. Factor in his menagerie powers from Kingdom Come and it makes sense that the kid might have something similar.

In addition to Raven, Beast Boy could also be sterile- depending on how his powers affect his reproductive cells. Of course, he could also end up with super sperm, or something, that could just transform to match dna patterns. That'd be a perfect excuse for some LEGO Genetics. Anyway, these are probably unlikely if only because writers probably won't consider or care to consider these things. More than likely, there wouldn't be an issue despite how things would play out in real life.

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Im here to end this thread.

Raven and Beastboys Son would be named Shadow.

He had a shadow blade

He can turn into a shadow

He can take people shadows

He can turn into anything when he is full shadow

His real name: Kay Hudjerdson

Hair color:Brown (its Black when hes shadow)

Code name:Shadow

Eyes: Hazel

Okay basically everything turns black when hes shadow

So yeah their son is


For more info email me at @timingadventure

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