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Raven's creator is unknown she is likely the creation of Mr. Sinister or Apocalypse. Whatever her origin she was found in a facility run by the Horsemen of Apocalypse until she was taken by Bloodstorm and Gambit. Gambit was hired by Mr Sinister to get Raven and her "brother" who would later be known as X-Man.

After Bloodstorm left, Gambit delivered the children to Sinister. Sinister wasn't interested in Raven and only wanted her brother and planned on killing the girl. Gambit had become a vampire that night and used his new abilities to rescue Raven and escape.

Gambit and his wife Belladonna raised the little girl as there own child. After a few years Raven was targeted by Professor X who sent Shield to apprehend the girl. Gambit and his new allies the Six tried to battle the Shield and its sentinels but in the battle Belladonna was killed and Raven was taken to Xavier.

The Six and Gambit(who is now a member) eventually find Raven and her other "brother" Scotty. Sinister and Raven's brother X-Man are now allies of Xavier and X-Man is holding Raven and Alex prisoner. During the battle Xavier and Sinister turn on each other and Xavier kills Sinister. X-Man is grief stricken and goes to Sinister letting Scotty and Raven go free. The two children and Havok then combined their powers to defeat Xavier.

After this Raven is sent to the moon base of the X-Men for her protection, her time their is short however when an insane Captain America destroys half the moon. Gambit and Raven are subsequently reunited. When the Six battle the Beyonder Gambit flees with his daughter in an effort to keep her safe.

Raven hasn't appeared since.

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