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Zeelmo was killed by the Red Raven, leaving his organization leaderless. Ratoga managed to elevate himself to the leader position. If his predecessor was obsessed with gold, Ratoga was obsessed with power. He craved possessing arms and lands. Craving to be a conqueror. He had a few quirks of his own. He had a tendency to make punsand laugh at his own jokes. Adding "Aha-Ha-Ha" to most of his sentences. 

Ratoga originally intended to maintain a low profile. Vut when Red Raven announced to the public of having a device which can locate gold, Ratoga realized the threat to his organization. He send a few men to capture the Raven. They failed and one of them squeeled about the location of Ratoga's headquarters. Red Raven burst in ... to find himself trapped in a net. Ratoga had anticipated his arrival. 

Ratoga placed the hero to the inside of his favorite torture device: the Vibrato-Machine (a giant vibrator). The Vibrations were expected to break every bone in Red's body. They would have, if he actually clinged to the walls. he instead managed to levitate within the device. Leaving him unharmed. Once released, Red Raven had a surprise of his own for Ratoga. His device could not only detect gold. It could also manipulate it from a distance.

Ratoga and his men were astonished to see their mountains of gold coin suddenly move. They were soon buried in coins, suffocating to death. 

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