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Sharona Jackson came from an extremely poor family. Her parents were never married and her abusive father drank himself to death. Her mother, a prostitute, disappeared when Sharona was quite young, leaving the young woman to live in the streets and turn to her mother’s occupation for survival, and she took on the nick-name Rapture. Eventually, she fell in with a group of girls who worked for a pimp named Bryan Louis Leroy Walker. After he had beaten another prostitute, named Tracey Brown, to death with a baseball bat, Rapture fled. She moved to another area of town and tried to get things together there. One night, Rapture was approached by an old man riding in the back of a black limousine. Thinking it was another "pathetic old John" she went with him. It was, as it turned out, Mighty Man's old foe, Dr. Nirvana. Nirvana had been abducting people he figured wouldn't be missed and was trying to induce super-powers and duplicate the circumstances that, he thought, created Mighty Man.


Rapture created by Erik Larsen

Character Evolution

Image Universe

Rapture (Image Universe)

Nirvana's experiment on Rapture worked, but resulted in an explosion that ripped apart his lab, killing his assistant. It fried off Nirvana's hair, burned his flesh and left him in a coma. He wound up in the hospital, Rapture wound up with the ability to generate vast amounts of electricity. Later, Rapture confronted Bryan Louis Leroy Walker. Ricochet was on her way back to her underground home after being rejected from the police force due to her age. She spotted the super-powered woman and tried to prevent her from killing Walker, resulting in a scuffle between the women. Rapture decided that it wasn't worth throwing her life away for revenge and agreed to turn Walker over to the authorities, but the criminal pulled a gun on her, giving Rapture the chance to kill him due to self-defense. Ricochet introduced her new friend to the growing super-team of the Chicago Police Department and she was asked to join them. Due to restrictions imposed by the local government and their police superiors, the freak officers quit the police force and struck out on their own as bounty hunters. She joining up with the veteran hero SuperPatriot, the new Mighty Man and other freak to become Freak Force team.

Unknown Universe

Rapture (Unknown Universe)

Rapture was one of hundreds of super-powered females that were gathered together by Damien DarkLord. Although details of her own timeline are un-revealed, it can be assumed that the majority of her origins are similar to the original Rapture. The main difference being, obviously, that she did not meet her end at the hands of DarkLord.

Savage World Universe

Rapture (Savage World)

In the second reality that Dragon called his home, Barbaric was never recruited onto the Chicago Police Department which in turn led to Ricochet getting rejected due to her young age. This would prevent the teenaged heroin from running into Rapture as she confronted her former pimp, the murderous Bryan Louis Leroy Walker. She killed Walker and become a fugitive from the law. It caused her mind to become fractured and turn her into an incoherent mess.

Major Story Arcs

Image Universe

Girlfriend of the Dragon

Rapture and Dragon

Rapture became the girlfriend of Savage Dragon and the two were very happy for a time. Her jealousy and constant flirtation would jeopardize their happiness, but it wasn’t until Rapture gave birth to the policeman’s child that the relationship ended. Dragon had suspected that his lover had an affair with singer Peter Klaptin, but she was framed and the couple of split up. When the Covenant of the Sword secretly abducted the child and faked its death, the trauma broke the two heroes up for good, but they remained good friends.

Special Operations Strikeforce

Rapture in S.O.S.

Eventually, Rapture accompanied most of her teammates in joining the United States government’s new super-team to replace Youngblood, the Special Operations Strikeforce. She joined an expedition team into another dimension where they confronted the ruler of Darkworld, a parallel version of Earth. DarkLord refused to give up his power or end his mad quest to exchange the surface of his world with that of the Earth, and when he was confronted by Rapture, the villain incinerated her without hesitation.

Unknown Universe

Rapture Stays On This Earth

When a raid on the Covenant of the Sword stronghold in the Hamptons was performed by Dragon, Rapture was liberated from her servitude of the sinister organization. All of the abducted or recruited females were taken back to Chicago, Illinois where the scientific genius of Rex Dexter was employed to aid them in returning home. Rex Dexter performed a number of experiments, until he was finally able to determine which timeline each of the women came from. He was then able to construct a device which would send them all home, but the world which both Rapture and an alternate Smasher hailed from was now gone. With nowhere else to go, the two women opted to remain on this Earth.

The Death Of Rapture


The S.O.S. offered these two women positions on their pared down roster and they moved into their complex in Washington, DC. Rapture had continued to raise her counterpart’s orphaned son, Malcolm Dragon. Unfortunately, the arrival of Universo meant the deaths of almost everyone on Earth as the entire planet was consumed.

Savage World Universe

The New Freak Force

Rapture in Freak Force

Rapture was recruited regardless by August DeBliek Jr when he was assembling Freak Force, inspired by Dragon’s stories of the team in his home universe. This experiment was a total failure and Rapture, now obese, returned to her previous life.

The Death Of Rapture

Solar Man Kills Rapture

After losing her weight, the unstable Rapture became targeted by the villain Johnny Nitro for a brutal physical and sexual assault. She was spared this fate by Solar Man who incinerated her assailant. When Rapture moved to thank her savior, Solar Man’s true intentions were revealed. As punishment for the murder of Bryan Louis Leroy Walker, Solar Man took Rapture's life by crushing her skull.

Powers & Abilities

Electricity Control

Rapture possesses the ability to generate vast amounts of electrostatic energy which she can release and harness. The limits of her powers are, as yet, unknown but she can mentally control the amount of electricity she discharges. She can emit lightning-like electric arcs from any part of her body which she can propel through the air or through other conducting mediums. This discharge travels at the speed of lightning, about 1,100 feet per second. At close range she can easily kill a man. Rapture also has a limited ability to absorb the electrical energy from other sources and add to her own. Rapture's body is immune to the effects of electricity and could not be electrocuted no matter how high the voltage.

Unarmed Combat

She fairly athletic and has had limited experience in hand-to-hand combat.

Other Versions

DarkWorld Universe

Sharona Jackson (Darkworld Universe)

Dragon was left stranded on Darkworld along with his teammate Smasher and attempted to locate that reality’s version of Rapture to save before the planet died. This search failed and that Sharona Jackson was killed when Darkworld exploded.

Hundreds Rapture From Different Universe

Hundreds of Rapture (Unknown Universes)

Hundreds of Rapture from different Universe were gathered together by Damien DarkLord to use as his super-human army. After the defeat of the DarkLords, Rex Dexter use his dimensional portal to send the Raptures' back to their home realities.

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