Randy Robertson's Superhero Potential?

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Is ASM, Peter Parker was shown to have only 2 living, non-powered friends to whom he felt he could look to for support. The case that I'm talking about takes place during the "Big Time" story arc, in which Peter asked his friends to live with them.

One of his friends, Flash Thompson, has been considered a hero for quite some time. He served in the military, and he tragically lost both of his legs doing so. Flash got another chance to be a hero when he became the superhero Venom. What made Flash Venom a great spin-off character was that he expanded the type of stories one could read in the Spider-Universe. Peter was the science fiction story spider. Flash was the war/spy story spider.


We've already seen Randy with spider powers in "Spider Island", and he seems to be a natural at using spider powers. What could make Randy a good superhero spin-off character is his job as a social worker. We already consider soldiers to be heroes, but social workers are too. They work with the poorest and most destitute members of society to make their living situations better. He's already the kind of guy who gives back to the community. On top of that, recent issues of ASM reveal that Randy has experience working with gangs.

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If Peter is the science fiction story spider and Flash is the war/spy story spider, the Randy can be the crime/gang/social commentary spider. The story telling potential is there, and he brings racial diversity to the mix.

What do you think?

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I'm interested

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it would be awsome to see him as the prowler hobbie brown isn't using the name right now

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He does have potential and I'd like to see him with powers but he hasn't been in any comics lately but he was awesome in spider island

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