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When her mother was pregnant of her, her father proudly told everyone he was about to get a son. When Sammi turned out to be a girl, her father was so ashamed that he made Sammi pretend to be a boy. Sammi worked in her uncle's shop as a delivery boy of ramen noodles.

Major Story Arcs

The Toughest Contest In The World

Sammi with the mask of the Ramen Rider
Sammi with the mask of the Ramen Rider

When the toughest contest in the world was beginning, Sammi disguised herself as Ramen Rider. Her first round was against Professor Gloom. Secretly, Professor Gloom had made a little device which made other relive their greatest moment of despair. Sammi relived the pressure of pretending to be a boy.

Thanks to a pep talk from the Ramen Rider, the heroes were able to defeat the villains in their next round, winning the contest.

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