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The New Guardians is the nickname for the group of representatives from each of the seven light corps who banded together to battle the Black Lanterns. This group is necessary because only by combining two or more emotional lights can a Black Lantern be truly destroyed, and only combining all seven lights into the white light of creation can the Black Lantern Corps be destroyed forever.

United Lanterns

The members are: Hal Jordan of the Green Lanterns; Sinestro, leader of the Sinestro corps; Carol Ferris of the Star Sapphires; Saint Walker, first of the Blue Lanterns; Indigo-1 of the Indigo Tribe; Atrocitus, creator of the Red Lantern, and Larfleeze, Agent Orange of the Orange Lantern Corps.

Despite their shared enemies and goal, this group is far from friendly. In fact, most of the members have at some point tried to kill one another, and some still share the sentiment. Nevertheless, they have disregarded their differences to help save the universe from Nekron and the Black Lanterns.

New 52

In the new 52 the New guardians is the name Larfleeze gave to the group of lanterns he assembled to kill his old enemy, Invictus. The team have since turned away from this goal and are starting to act like an independent team. Because of their vastly different personalities they are at odds with each other, but they do consider each other friends and do work well together.

The New crew

The current members are; Kyle Rayner of the Green lantern corps, Fatality of the Star Sapphires, Saint Walker of the Blue Lanterns, Arkillo of the Sinestro Corps, Glomulus of the Orange Lantern Corps, Bleez of the Red Lantern Corps and Munk of the Indigo tribe.


Guardians imprisoned

For eons, the Guardians of the Universe knew of the prophecy of the Blackest Night and have worked tirelessly to prevent it from coming about. But trying to prevent it, they have left themselves completely unprepared for the possibility of it actually happening. Black rings swept across the universe, and the dead paralyzed the various corps and imprisoned the Guardians.

Saved by the Indigo

With no one in the universe able to form a resistance against the Black Lanterns, Hal Jordan, fending off the dead with Barry Allen at the time, was approached by Indigo-1, the leader of the enigmatic Indigo Tribe, who also knew of the prophecy, and informed Jordan of the way to battle the Blackest Night. Despite reservations about leaving his comrades to fend for themselves, Hal is transported along with Indigo-1 to Zamaron, home of the Star Sapphires.

Arriving on Korugar

Arriving on Zamaron, Hal is first surprised to find his old flame, Carol Ferris, once again turned into a Star Sapphire, though this time she did it by her own choice. The second surprise was to find the planet under attack by Sinestro, who was releasing his corpsmen from the Zamaron prisons, as well as by the Black Lanterns. The three enter a fight as usual. When the Black Lanterns destroy the Zamaron power battery, Indigo-1 transports them to Korugar.

They learn that Indigo-1 brought them there in order to help Sinestro face Mongul, his usurper, and re-establish himself as leader of his corps. Sinestro does so, exploiting a fail safe in Mongul's ring, and is convinced to help them defeat the Black Lanterns.

They further traveled to Odym, home of the Blue Lanterns, under attacks from the minions of Larfleeze. Hal Jordan's presence allowed the blue rings to power up and fend off the Orange Lanterns, and Black Lanterns could not be raised because no one died on the planet. There they recruited Saint Walker, and proceeded further, accompanied by Ganthet and Sayd.

Clash Of The Lanterns

Meanwhile, both Atrocitus on Ysmault and Larfleeze on Okaara were under attack from the Black Lanterns. Atrocitus, also aware of the prophecy, fended of the Black Lanterns and proceeded to Okaara to take another light for himself. In the ensuing battle between Larfleeze, Atrocitus and the Black Lanterns, Hal's group arrives to destroy the dead Lanterns and recruit the two living in their ranks. Larfleeze agrees on the condition that he gets a Guardian of his own when the final battle is over, and Sayd pledges herself to him for the cause.

Atrocitus, however, is not so easily convinced, and he battles the other Lanterns until they transport to Ryut, his ancient homeworld, and now the location of the Black Power Battery. There Saint Walker reaches out to Atrocitus and convinces him to join their cause and help the defeat the Black Lanterns.


At this point, they learn that killing and adding Damage to their ranks has charged the black rings to 100%, and are unsure what this means as they were never supposed to reach this stage. They seek the Black power battery on Ryut, but find that it has already been transported to Earth by Nekron, Lord of the Unliving.

Attacking the black battery

Arriving on Earth, they use their combined power to vaporize the scarred Guardian in service of Nekron, and proceed to combine their might and destroy the Black power battery. But for some reason they fail as Nekron announces that the Guardians' greatest lie is about to be revealed.

As the black rings begin to take over not just dead, but the resurrected as well, the lanterns realize that they alone are not powerful enough to destroy the battery, but that it takes all seven corps to stand united.

The deputy lanterns

Knowing that it would take time to assemble them all and that it would take more than just the seven to hold back Nekron, Ganthet activates a dormant safeguard within their rings, deputizing himself, Barry Allen, Ray Palmer, Lex Luthor, Jonathan Crane, Wonder Woman and Mera to become lanterns for 24 hours.

Lanterns together

While the seven corps are being assembled, our heroes are attacked by a most formidable foe: A Black Lantern Spectre. Now under Nekron's control, one of the most powerful beings in the universe sought to punish Hal Jordan for his "crimes," and was willing to level anything that came in between them. While the lanterns and their deputies

Can it get any worse?

held off The Spectre, Hal realized there was only one course of action. He had Ganthet retrieve four power batteries containing the essence Parallax, the fear entity. Realizing his plan, Sinestro objected: He was the fear lantern, after all, he should be the host to Parallax, but after a brief scuffle, nevertheless it was Hal who ends up joining Parallax, once again releasing the being which sought to destroy entire reality.

Parallax and Spectre fought, during which Parallax delved deep into the Spectre's being and found the black ring which kept its host, Crispus Allen, and by extension the Spectre itself, imprisoned. Parallax destroyed the ring, releasing the Spectre from Nekron's control, but he did not stop there. Now battling both his former allies and the newly freed Spectre, Parallax sought to destroy them all and renew his dreams of universal domination. The Spectre, however, knew better, and used Hal's emotional tether to Carrol to purge him of Parallax's influence. With Sinestro rushing to take possession of Parallax and Spectre moving to destroy the elemental for good, Parallax was instead pulled away by an unknown force, and the lanterns and Spectre turned their sights back on Nekron.

Lex going berserk

Renewing the attack on Nekron, however, had as much effect as it did before. Worse still, Lex Luthor fell to the influence of his ring, attacking his fellow lanterns, forcing them to restrain him rather than focus on Nekron.

The entity

With the seven corps assembling in the space above Earth, Nekron and Black Hand began their endgame, killing one of the guardians and using his blood to summon the Entity, an elemental creature like Parallax, but this one being the embodiment of all life in the universe. Nekron planned that, by destroying it, he would extinguish all life in the universe too.

Sinestro the white

Realizing that, like Parallax, Ion and other, the Entity needs a host to display its power, Hal Jordan moved to claim it, but was stopped by Sinestro. Hal messed up as Parallax, and now it was Sinestro's turn to save the universe. Sinestro claimed Entity's power, and became the white lantern.

Nekron destroyed

Nekron and Sinestro now entered a brutal fight. However, Nekron was still too powerful, and despite an intervention by all seven now unified corps, he severed the Entity from Sinestro. The day was saved, however, when Hal utilized the Entity to create white rings and sever Nekron's link with his lanterns, including Anti-Monitor and Black Hand, his lifelines into this universe. With a little help from the Anti-Monitor, Nekron was at last defeated.

With Nekron destroyed and Black Hand imprisoned, the seven corps agreed to a truce.

New 52

Kyle with the power of all the rings

This iteration of the new Guardians was brought about when a rings from a lantern of each corps, except green, left its designated owner and went to the green lantern Kyle Rayner. A representative of each of the lanterns corps that had a ring "stolen", except for orange, were sent to find and persecute the "ring thief" Kyle Rayner. Kyle Rayner, who does not know why the rings choose to leave their respective owners and come to him, goes to the Guardians of the Universe to see if they can help him. Instead of Helping him the guardians want to study him to see why this happened. Kyle refuses to cooperate with the Guardians and they attack him. With the power of all seven rings, an attack by the six lanterns from the other corps stop the Guardians from making Kyle into a lab rat. During the battle Kyle pushed the rings to hard and destroyed all of them except his own green ring and the orange ring, which turned out to be Glomulus in disguise. The Guardians started to get the upper hand after this, but Larfleeze turned up and helped all the lanterns escape. Larfleeze takes all the lanterns to his home and explains that the reason all the rings left their owners because of a mysterious dreadnought the size of solar system that appeared in the centre of the galaxy recently. The lanterns go to this dreadnought and search it finding some strange things. As they are searching the angle Invictus comes out of the sun and attacks them. He proclaims that they work for the beast, later revealed to be Larfleeze. As the lanterns fight Invictus they show signs of them becoming a better team. Despite there new team work Invictus still easily defeats them. After Invictus tells the team his story and what Larfleeze did to him, Kyle manages to convince Invictus that Larfleeze trick them and they did not know the truth. Invictus agrees to let them go, on the condition that they kill Larfleeze for him.

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