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After the Black abducts Aspen Matthews and took her to the deep of the ocean, Rahger met the daughter he knows and tells her that not only she's the one of the Blue, but she's also the one of the Black. Rahger tries to convince her to join them to punish the humans for what they've done wrong. Aspen denies, leaving her father and the Black to return to the surface.

Months after the war between the Blue and humans, Cannon receives some news that Rahger and the Black planned to punish the humans so he goes to Aspen about the situation of her father's plot. After the Black made their final push, Aspen confronts Rahger using every power she has against him, he gets an upper hand and attacks her with his electric attack. Chance Calloway manages to stop Rahger's attack with a help of a stranger that shot him with a deadly weapon that dries him. Before dying and being carried back to the deep with his group, Rahger shows Aspen's true birthmark that she's still one of the Black.

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