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The Quorum was secretly responsible for creating the superhero team known as the Blood Pack in order to use the DNA of its members to create their superhuman army. Their plans were for naught however, as they were ultimately defeated by the Blood Pack.

Arkham Knight


Quorum has become involved in Gotham City. Batman's first encounter with Quorom involves the crash landing of the Iron Heights Penitentiary airship. Warden Ranken was commissioned by Quorom to to locate and analyze the physiology of Killer Croc. Ranken severed one of Croc's hands and discovered that Croc has the ability to regenerate lost limbs. Ranken began injecting Croc's DNA into other inmates in order to analyze the effects. Ranken felt it was in everyone's best interests that Croc be terminated. Croc escaped his confines and caused the airship to crash into Gotham Bay.

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Batman investigates the crash site and rescues some of the guards. It is undetermined if any Central or Keystone City convicts escaped the airship but Batman does notice that Gorilla Grodd isn't present among the other incarcerated prisoners. After putting an end to a prison riot with Nightwing, Batman learns that two crucial guards escaped the airship when it began its descent into Gotham Bay. They hold the keys to the Ranken's Quorum Wing. Batman retrieves the keys and the dynamic duo take on Croc as well as the infected inmates. Both Ranken and Croc are taken to GCPD lockup but Ranken refuses to give up his contacts with Quorum.

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As Batman tries to take back the city from Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight, he receives a distress call from a ship called the S.S. Nora. Batman takes out the Arkham Knight's armada and finds Victor Fries trying to restore his cryo-generator. Fries blames Batman for his current predicament. The Arkham Knight's armada has taken Nora in order to strong arm Fries into killing Batman. Batman convinces Fries that the armada will kill Nora if Fries were to succeed. Fries gives Batman a tracking device that is attached to Nora's cryo-containment unit.

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Batman traces the signal to an armada stronghold and notices banners with the Quorum insignia scattered about the area. Its clear that Quorum has become involved with either Scarecrow, Deathstroke or the Arkham Knight. Its plausible that Quorum wants to learn more about Fries' technology and will do anything to get the information. Batman manages to save Nora from the armada and returns her to Victor. Nora confides in Victor that she no longer wants to be kept in cryo-stasis and live out the remainder of her days with Victor. Victor honors his wife's request and deactivates his suit which will cause his eventual death as well. Batman will not rest until he exposes Quorum for their illicit involvement in Gotham City.

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