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When the kingdom was conquered by the Deviants she seeked refuge in Atlantis. She soon fell in love with, and married their king, King Kamuu.

When Atlantis was attacked by the Lemurians, Zartra and Kamuu defeated them by opening the Serpents' Heads. Doing this caused a massive lava flow, resulting in the sinking of Atlantis. Believing that Atlantis was going to be destroyed, Kamuu told his court to spend their final moments with the people they loved the most, and sealed himself in the palace with Zartra. While sealed in, a Lemurian mercenary came out of his hiding place and stabbed Zartra in the back. Zartra removed a jewel from her eye socket, and gave it to Kamuu, before she died in his arms. Kamuu then put the jewel in the hilt of his sword.

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