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Golden Age Queen Clea.
Golden Age Queen Clea.

As Queen of a crumbling Atlantean outpost named Venturia, Queen Clea enslaved the men of her realm and amused herself by putting many to death in gladiatorial combat. Desiring extended rule, Clea repeatedly attacked Venturia's flourishing sister city of Aurania unsuccessfully. Despite this failure she expanded her ideal towards domination over the entire lost continent of Atlantis. In order to do this, Clea stole the fabled Trident of Poseidon, giving her the power to make herself virtually unstoppable.

When Clea took her battle to the surface world she battled against Queen Hippolyta, who was acting as Wonder Woman in the 1940s, and was defeated. Clea then teamed with the original Villainy Incorporated in order to overtake Hippolyta but her plans were foiled once again.

A new Villainy Inc.
A new Villainy Inc.

A new version of the team was assembled in modern times in the hopes of finishing where her plans left off. Invading the hidden nation of Skartaris, Clea did succeed in ruling the land for a short time. She used Cyborgirl to take control of the entire dimension. Clea's entire plan, however, was commandeered by Trinity. Trinity was in fact revealed to be a virus, engineered by the founders of Skartaris. When the "Trinity Virus" was reintroduced into Skartaris' governing computer system, the whole land began to regress and "devolve" to its origins.

Wonder Woman managed to stop the process from becoming permanent, but still some of Skartaris' inhabitants (including Clea) were lost in the de-evolution. At one point Hippolyta's daughter, Diana, traveled back in time and discovered them in battle. Clea was defeated by Diana (who disguised herself as Miss) and Clea's own daughter Ptra.

Clea later appears as part of a large team of super-villains assigned to kill Wonder Woman. She is once again in possession of the Trident of Poseidon and appears to possess the power of flight. She explains that she, and her fellow cohorts, had their abilities amplified by the witch Circe. She eventually is subdued by several of Wonder Woman's allies and taken into custody by Nemesis and the Department of Metahuman Affairs. As that agency was later destroyed, the present whereabouts of Queen Clea is speculative.

Skills and Abilities

As a typical Atlantean, Clea possesses the ability to breath both above and below the surface of water. She has super-human strength, speed, agility, stamina and keen eyesight adapted to the pressure and darkness of deep water depths. Clea was recently given a power boost by the villain Circe, that of flight.

Clea has also possessed the trident of the Greek god of the oceans, Poseidon, which granted her great mystical powers. Holding it increases her strength levels and provides her with limited control over water. The trident also has the ability to fire force blasts.

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