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Centuries ago, on the planet Korll, where the humanoid inhabitants evolved from insects, a scientist named Per Kazz developed an elixir of immortality. Unfortunately, he was very old, and the potion would only work on someone who was young and healthy. He hid the potion in 3 separate vials on a cloud-shrouded uninhabited planet calle Somelar, elsewhere in his solar system.

Down the ages, many Queens of Korll tried to find the elixir, but failed. At last, came Queen Zazzala who created an army of bee-men to find the potion for her. She first tested them by having them loot various worlds.

Major Story Arcs

Zazzala's plan in action
Zazzala's plan in action

Queen Zazzala who created an army of bee-men to find the elixir of immortality for her. She first tested them by having them loot various worlds.But on Earth they failed, being defeated by the Justice League. Therefore she threatened to destroy the Earth if the JLA did not find the vials for her.

They did, but Green Lantern ( Hal Jordan) used his power ring to seal the vials so that Zazzala could not open them. It appeared Zazzala would never attain immortality, but she proved more resourceful than the heroes imagined. Back on Korll, she researched the records of Per Kazz until she found his experiments on the green energy of the power rings. His experiments led to a device which enabled her to open the vials and become immortal.

Like Hector Hammond, Zazzala discovered that immortality also brought immobility. To overcome that she had to become mortal again, and used the JLA once more, transforming them into tiny beings with her magno-nuclear rod. They restored her mortality, but the Atom ( Ray Palmer) managed to get her rod and make her immobile once more.

Queen Bee attacking Superman
Queen Bee attacking Superman

She later managed to escape and create a new rod for herself, and went on to gather together a number of the JLA's foes in order to capture the individual members of the team. She succeeded in her plan until it came to Superman, who turned the tables on her and her associates - freeing his friends and capturing the villains.

In her next battle with the JLA, Zazzala controlled real bees. Claiming she was a victim of a scheme that was transferring human intellect to animals, she led the JLA to believe that Sonar was the real villain of the piece. Fooled for a while, the League went on to discover that this was nothing other than an elaborate plot by Zazzala for revenge on them.

Finally, the Queen Bee discovered how to restore her immortality and remain mobile. She drew a magnetic energy from people in the form of tiny winged doubles of themselves. When they stung her, the effect transferred the energy to her and kept her mobile. She then teamed up with the Planeteer, a villain who has magnetic powers and believes himself to be the reincarnation of Alexander the Great. She had an excellent source of magnetic energy here, but they too were defeated and Superman sent Zazzala to a space prison.

Zazzala's power to control real bees
Zazzala's power to control real bees
All hail the queen!!!
All hail the queen!!!

Queen Bee joined Alexander Luthor's Secret Society of Super Villains, alongside her HIVE agents. The Secret Six later attack her base because of the war against the Society. She is badly wounded and her base is destroyed. One year later, after her injuries have healed, she steals a matter transportation ray that would transport her troops to earth. Wonder Woman and the Flash defeat her.

There have been three other Queen Bees.

Tazzala the sister to Zazzala sided with Simon Magus on an attack on earth. The Creature Commandos defeated them and Simon Magus eliminated her after the defeat.

The sister to the second Queen Bee would take over rule of Bialya. She used humans with machinery as servants and passed off as the robotic Extremeists. Captain Atom's Extreme Justice toppled her from power. Her whereabouts are unknown.

Powers and Abilities

  • Multifaceted eyes register ultraviolet light. Queen Bee is blind to the color red.
  • Gauntlet contains barbed stingers in reflexive venom sacs
  • Muscles in abdominal trachea pump air through spiracles and trabeculae to keep Zazzala cool when inside the egg-matrix.


Real Name: Zazzala

Occupation: Royal Genetrix

Base: Korll

Height: 5' 9"

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Gray/Black

Other DC Queen Bees

A Queen Bee claiming to be Tazalla, sister of Zazzala, appeared in the Creature Commandoes series; she had allied with an other-dimensional ruler Simon Magus, but betrayed him and was killed for it.

In Other Media

Justice League Unlimited

Zazzala in Justice League Unlimited
Zazzala in Justice League Unlimited
Zazzala and Doctor Cypher
Zazzala and Doctor Cypher

Zazzala initially appeared in a few cameos in Justice League Unlimited, as part of Gorilla Grodd's Secret Society. Later, in Far From Home Supergirl fights robot versions of Zazzala and Doctor Cypher (to train).


Sasha Woodman was a student at Smallville High but she becomes a metahuman that controls bees after being stung by a hive of kryptonite infected bees.

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