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So recently, I've been collecting old back issues and reading comics from my childhood. In the most recent pack I got a copy of Quasar #12. But its not. It has the cover for Quasar #12 but inside its Solo Avengers #34. Does anyone else have a messed-up Quasar #12. What it a known printing error or just a weird fluke?

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That actually sounds kinda familiar. That book came out in 1990, right? I seem to remember something about it, but I never saw it myself.

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There were a few issues like this which started with issue 6 and worked it's way up. There was something with the printingcompanies. There were 2 companies printing the comics, I have a few where the pages are swapped out. Not a bad issue, but issue 13 is where the story gets good.

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