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Target in site
Target in site

When Daily Bugle reporter Ben Urich found ties between Judge Elias Tomb and organized crime, the judge hired Purge to eliminate the reporter. Purge soon found himself battling against Phil Urich, as the Green Goblin, and Daredevil. Unable fulfill his contract he decided his reputation would skyrocket if he were able to kill Daredevil, having dismissed the Green Goblin as a mere amateur. This was a mistake as his dismissal allowed the Goblin to blow him off rooftop with a well placed pumpkin bomb. Falling to the street below Purge was saved by the Goblin. In repayment but Purge began to strangle him. The Green Goblin began to slam Purge into the ledge of nearby building, eventually knocking him unconscious. The current whereabouts of Purge are unknown.

Abilities and Equipment

Purge is also a reasonably skilled martial artist and carries an arm-mounted rifle which fires "specially ordered and highly expensive ammo".

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