The Punisher Short Film Released at SDCC

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Okay, I know it's not a real full length blockbuster film BUT when I saw that Tom Jane was stepping back into the role of Frank Castle, I just about freaked out. I know that Ray Stevenson was probably a better representation of the old school Punisher, however I was just such a huge fan of the 2004 film. What can I say? Jane is a good actor and let's say for a second that The Punisher was never a comic, the film would still have been just great in my eyes purely from a cinema stand point. NOW with all of that said...I'm itching to get my hands on a copy of this short film because I've read about it and frankly it sounds pretty kick ass. Soooooo...

Anyone that can find it somewhere on the net, even if it's a bootleg shall have this cookie:


And in case this is new to you here's a link!



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That's pretty neat.

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Shameless bump. Need to see this.

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And i thought this topic could had a link... :\

EDIT: Gladly i found the video, it's just priceless.

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That short was better than the entirety of the original Punisher movie starring Thomas Jane. No fault of Jane though who was way better than Dolph Lundgren and though he didn't nail Frank's look as good as Ray Stevenson, he still had a smoldering intensity to him. A deep seated rage you know Frank has burning. He was just a little to slick to be Frank Castle in that flick. Didn't help that John Travolta was a shitty bad guy either. At least Warzone's Jigsaw was so over the top that it was entertaining and the ultra violence against criminals in general make that movie a feel good flick.

This more grizzled Thomas Jane would be perfect to revisit The Punisher.

Also, I will never not mark out for Ron Pearlman

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Damn, I didn't see this thread. My bad <.<


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My mum was talking to me earlier about how she was annoyed she didn't get to go to see Amazing Spider-Man with me and my dad and said I needed to ask her to accompany me to see more films, be they superhero or otherwise. Somehow I don't think this would make good viewing for her lol. She hates these kind of uber violent films, videogames etc. Good short though.

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AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since Marvel has the rights back they should do another one.

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The 1989, 2004, and 2008 films were all crap. But at least here Tom is not hanging upside down spinning around and shooting two guns all at the same time. Jigsaw in the '08 film was nothing but a Heath Ledger/Joker rip-off… however pathetic War Zone fans are never going to admit that. Somehow bad over the top acting is a good thing to them… the excuses that people come up with for that crap… The skull in the short film was too neat looking… like it was bought at a store. The skull would have looked better if it was handmade (painted on).

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Thomas Jane's new short has definitely created a new buzz around making the next Punisher flick, if that EVER happens! It's interesting that the ability to bring the essence of The Punisher comic books from the pages to the screen, just can't be done without totally effen them up. I have watched Jane's short film several times and it definitely picks up the level of graphic, hand-to-hand violence. And the addition of Ron Perlman was classic, but I just can't get past the fact that Thomas Jane is the goofy coach on "Hung", and does a damn good job at it. I'm just not scared of him, even if he had 2 shotguns pointed at my face - sorry. I mean, Frank Castle is arguably the baddest MF walking the planet and I just don't get even a hint of that from Jane. How epic can a movie be when the first word you speak is "laundry"?! Come on! Now, I'm a bigger fan of Stevenson's version, but most definitely not the way "War Zone" was told - sorry.

So, after watching Jane's short, I got curious about what else the buzz stirred-up (i.e. Marvel's reaction, fanboy comments, etc.) and after and extensive Google search, I ran across a NEW unknown, Chris Warner. Looks like he has the idea that he's gonna do better than Jane or Stevenson. I thought the production value of Warner's short film was no where near Jane's, BUT Warner's choices and intensity definitely made me believe, even more than Ray Stevenson, that I would never want to get on his bad side - EVER! Check it out . . . maybe I'm wrong.

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