Interested in The Punisher.

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As a kid I grew up in a small town where comics were a very rare thing, but I had always loved getting them when I could. I really dug Spawn, The Punisher, Iron Man and a few others. I am now in a city where I have access to comics and have been keeping up on the new Spawn reboot. I recently seen the New 52 at my local comic book store and was told Marvel would be doing something similar in January, I was wondering if anyone knew if The Punisher would be receiving a reboot or not? Thanks!

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He probably will, not sure.

If you like the Punisher, you should read (if you haven't already) Punisher MAX.

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@JediXMan said:

He probably will, not sure.

If you like the Punisher, you should read (if you haven't already) Punisher MAX.

I'll definitely take a look, thanks.

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Its not a reboot its a relaunch, they cancel a lot of their titles and then relaunch them with a # 1 under the MARVEL NOW label but the continuity is intact, and no, The punisher is not getting a new series, they gave him a new ongoing series last year by author Greg Rucka and while it was acclaimed and getting high reviews the sales weren't very great so unfortunately they cancelled it with issue 16, that came out last week by the way, still, they are going to let Rucka finish his story with an epilogue miniseries called "Punisher War Zone", where the Avengers chase after Frank after his actions on the ongoing!, now that I think about it war zone comes out this month with a couple of other marvel now issues, so maybe it does count as a marvel now title, either way "The Punisher" by Greg Rucka is amazing and I can't recommend it enough, if you want to read a great punisher story without needing years of backstory you must buy it, the first issues are collected in trade paperbacks, buy the first one and if you like it then buy the second one and the rest that havent been collected yet in single issues and pay attention for "War zone". After that you may want to try "The Punisher" MAX by Garth Ennis, also known as the best run on the Punisher ever.

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Yes I also can highly recommend Punisher Max. There is so much available but several one-shots that you can get right into as well a several full runs available as deluxe hardcovers or trade paperbacks.

Set beyond the comics code it really lets Frank Castle be who he is.

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Greg Ruck's series would be a nice start. Even going and picking up some of those really cheap issues from the 80's isn't too bad of an idea! And of course Punisher Max.

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Thanks for the answers guys! Tommorow I'm going to see what I can find in the Punisher Max series, "The Punisher" by Greg Rucka and keep a look out for The Punisher Warzone, this should all be plenty.

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