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Welcome Back, Frank.

OPINION: Sadly the Punisher's trial is over! In the end of the last issue Frank showed some "formula" to his lawyer Santos and finally in this issue we will see what Frank was cooking, what were his real objectives in this trial...

Marc Guggenheim gives us a Frank that is a real mastermind, he played with every character in this book... yes, everyone. Frank isn't about just shooting mobsters and Guggenheim just prove it. He caught the character's psych brilliantly at least like i imagine. And i thought for sometime that writers forgot how to handle Frank without portraying him like nutcase.

This book gives us some good action panels behind testimonials like a Punisher book must have, even on this one that is based in a courtroom. The pages with Punisher and Daredevil fighting are really cool. Sadly i hoped to see more 5 pages, the conclusion was great but i hoped that lasted a few more, you probably know why when you read it.

About the art, Mico Suayan is in the same level as Leinil Yu, both are great artists and they did a great job on this miniseries, in fact i haven't seen this type of quality since Checchetto's leave the Punisher from Rucka's. I really want to see more of these guys in a Punisher book.

To be honest this wasn't my type of story at first, but Marc really conquered my attention and in the end i really like it, i haven't seen this kind of storytelling since Rucka's and it's really good to have The Punisher i care back in business. I really wanted to see more Punisher from Guggenheim. A huge thanks to all the staff that make this book possible and for giving us this wonderful ride on the most dangerous antihero of the Marvel universe.

PLOT: 4.5 / 5

ART: 4 / 5

COVER: 4.5/ 5


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