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This is probably the weirdest serious comic I have ever read. The whole thing is narrated by Jake Niman/Johnny Nightmare who, as it turns out, is completely crazy. The comic is set during about five different times. Jake/Johnny narrates something that is happening at one point in his life, says "wait" and switches to another point in his life with similar events. A comic like this which is different to what we comic readers are used to could have worked well but instead, the whole thing just got boring and confusing. The whole "wait" thing was really irritating as well, he says it over 20 times throughout the comic.

That said though, the plot line does have me intrigued. It looks like we're getting a Civil War tie in next week and Punisher's going to be in trouble. The art was good, above average but nothing noteworthy. I don't have any individual panels to complain about which is a rare occurrence. However, neither of these were able to make up fully for the confusing layout of the story.

I don't seem to be able to talk much about things I dislike in reviews so I'll leave it at this. As much as I enjoyed the premise of this story line in the first issue, this was extremely disappointing and I'm going to give it a 1.5/5.

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