Bring Puck back!

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Puck is way too awesome to be killed off. It's about time that Marvel brought him back. The rest of Alpha Flight can stay dead for all I care, but Puck is way cooler than ninety percent of Marvel's current population. At the very least he should be put on one of the Avengers or X-Men teams, but I actually would prefer it if he had his own book.
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If you're reading thew new Wolverine series, he makes an appearance

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@N7_Normandy said:
"If you're reading thew new Wolverine series, he makes an appearance "

What has been going on with Puck? I was kinda mad that he wasn't in the Alpha Flight Chaos War one-shot but I guess if he's being used elsewhere.....I say if they revive Alpha Flight Puck could be a corrupted villain for them.

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