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Zuzha Yu was a bartender and bouncer of her own club when Dr. Walter Langowski, the superhero known as Sasquatch found her and tried to recruit her for his replacement Alpha Flight he was attempting to put together, in order to locate the original Flight. He told Yu that she was the daughter of the original Puck, Eugene Judd, which appeared obvious once she demonstrated her abilities. Although Yu had no urge to join the new Flight, she was interested in Langowski, and made him a bet -- arm-wrestling. If he won, she would join; if she did, he would have to be her love slave for a year.


Zuzha Yu was created by Scott Lobdell and Clayton Henry and first appeared in Alpha Flight Vol.3 issue 1 (2004).

Major Story Arcs

Alpha Flight

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Thinking she had the advantage due to her super strength, Yu was beaten when Langowski switched to his Sasquatch form, and threw her across the room. Yu agreed to join Alpha Flight for one year, and took her father's codename, Puck. When the original Alphans were found, and left the planet to return a cache of Plodex eggs back to their planet of origin, a version of Alpha Flight from the past was accidentally brought to the present. They decided to take up in the present as Alpha Flight, to ensure the country was properly protected. Although most of the replacement Alpha Flight quit the team at this point, Yu stayed on with her father, both still going by "Puck". In the time spent as a member of Alpha Flight, she developed romantic feelings for her teammate Major Mapleleaf. Major Mapleleaf and Zuzha Yu eventually married and had a son.

The Collective

Most recently Puck was involved in the battle against The Collective. The Collective quickly overwhelmed Mapleleaf and Zuzha Yu with a wave of nanotech scorpions and were eventually killed by the powerful being. What happened to their son remains to be seen. Most likely he is given to adoptive parents.

Chaos War

Although all other members of Alpha Flight where resurrected during the Chaos War by an evil god, Zuzha Yu was nowhere to be found.


Zuzha Yu possesses many of the same powers as her father, most notably his enhanced agility. She has demonstrated the ability to bounce from wall to wall like a pinball, much as Puck can. She has superhuman strength, although the extent is unknown. She also appears to be superhumanly durable, the extent of which is still unknown.

Yu has martial arts and street fighter training, and is an excellent hand to hand combatant.

Especially with a hockey stick.

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