Who thinks Psylocke should use the pyschic knife

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instead of the psychic katana because if the psionic katana can only stun at highest intensity & cut through armor & do the same thing as the psychic knife at lowest intensity does it do any damage to people without armor at highest intensity. If so it kinda pointless in my opinion

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If I am right, the psychic knife, the one she used to emit when she goes hand to hand combat and go for the ultimate finish, is a telepathy based power and not as strong as the telekinetic sword she now has.

It was mentioned that her current status, she can control the strength of the sword to a mere stunning of the nervous system to severing a body part or armor. OR she can also just standard there and rip her enemies apart with her thought but her personality is like "loves the feeling of hand to hand combat..."

I do miss three things with the current Psylocke and we will no longer see, the psyhic blade she emits in her hands, the butterfly ensigma and her shadow manipulation skills.

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#3 Posted by shankarma (50 posts) - - Show Bio

i think she should use it

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#4 Posted by Calvin (3583 posts) - - Show Bio

I prefer the Katana, it gives her a jedi style =P

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