When and how Jean coached Psylocke in telepathy?

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Well, I know that when Kwannon died, Betsy recovered her full telepathy, and needed Jean to coach her in the use of her powers. But I don't know when it occurred and I wish someone to put the images of it here...
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@victor2467: Was this during the Claremont run?
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I don't know... I guess it was in X-Men vol 2 #38...
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Oh, if someone also could post when Jean switched powers with her, too... 
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I have that issue somewhere, it was around the time that Sabretooth was being held at the mansion and Jean was conducting therapy on him. I'll sort through my collection and get back to you.

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Please... -q
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Are you referring to the "Crimson Dawn" deal? I think that went on in UXM #327, I'm just to lazy to go through my books :P

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Psylocke was a formidable telepath before the body switch, i dnt kno about coaching, i haven't read every comic, but didn't Jean like "give" her or help jump start her telekinesis ??

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I don't remember Jean "coaching" Psylocke. Considering:

  • Psylocke literally left Jean a dribbling mess before she regained the half of her telepathic powers from Kwannon;
  • Psylocke tried to steal Cyclops from her before they were married; and
  • Neither one liked the other...

Then it's hard to imagine them being together in the same room long enough to train, let alone enter each other's mind.

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@xerox_kitty: It was right after Kwannon asked Matsuo to mercy kill her and Psylocke regained the bulk of her telepathy. Presumably she'd also lost her martial arts knowledge (although she eventually regained it) and chopped off 10 inches of hair, admitting to Jean that although her flirtation with Scott was influenced by Kwannon, she did find him attractive.

It wasn't necessarily that Jean was mentoring her, just helping her adjust to the power increase since Psylocke had grown so accustomed to relying on close combat with her psy-knife.

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I know this is a little late, but I have the scans thought that might help... they're from X-Men #38

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I loathed that bloody short hair. Thank god that was practically its last appearance.

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@LordOfAllHumans: Ha ha, Cyclops displays his lesser known super power, to be irresistible to telepaths!

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There was also some unseen training in the 'six month gap' that happened before the revolution

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@LordOfAllHumans: Thanks for posting those! I couldn't find the issue in my totally unorganized collection :P

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