So Psylocke is alive in the Ultimates Universe?

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I was breezing over a few titles I've been tempted to pick up...Ultimate X-Men has been a roller-coaster for me, mostly because my interest only peaks when Psylocke is involved and she's been long dead there....but, well, I don't know if this is a SPOILER since it's vaguely written in at the bottom of her wiki page but she's apparently alive.

I was wondering if anybody knew if she was still in Kwannon's body or possibly transferred her psyche to a third body or if that had been explained anywhere and I just missed it?

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There wasn't exactly a specific explanation, just that she's alive and conspiring against Kitty Pryde.

That, and Brian Wood's the best.

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OH Really!? Thank God! She had the most pathetic death in the ultimate universe. We had to find out in a newspaper.... >_>

Thank God she is back. :D

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