Psylocke's voice.

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This may sound weird, but when I read, every character has their own voice. Nightcrawler and Wolverine voices are the ones from the Wolverine and the X-men tv series. Who do you think should be used for Psylocke? I've been kinda going with an American accent for a while, but she's really British. Famous people would be ideal. someone who could play the role of a british/asian ninja telepath.

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Oh, that's a difficult one honestly. I do the same thing, mostly X related characters I hear as the voice cast from the 90's X-Men Animation. However Psylocke? I dunno, I kinda make my own voice for her in my mind. An asian voice with a british accent.

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i read her voice from mvc 2 video game.

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I read Psylocke with an American accent, which I know is wrong for the character, but its just what plays out in my mind. When I read her, her voice is very firm and strong, but gentle nonetheless... if you can picture that at all

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british, maybe like in X-Men Legends, go 4:05 on the video for her in game voice

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@Imagine_Man15 said:

When I read her, her voice is very firm and strong, but gentle nonetheless... if you can picture that at all

Exactly how I hear her! Sometimes I use Rachel Weisz's voice as a template, since she has an intelligent, regal, gentle yet authoritative tone.

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Yeah I do the exact same thing. I use Psylocke's voice from Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, works for me!

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@ClawFist: an asian voice with brithish accent.... this

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Maggie Q

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