Psylocke: Cold as ice

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I completely understand why Betsy sold her sorrow, I do, but this is the second time writers have diminished her emotional capacity. When she was under the influence of the Crimson Dawn, she began to alienate her friends and make them feel uncomfortable, and now we're back to no tears for Betsy. Remender is amazing and I'm sure he's got something spectacular in store for her....but I love the loving without abandon, bestie to and most trusted by all the X-ers, "action junky" Elisabeth Gloriana Braddock.

What is it about Psylocke that makes the writers want her to be cold?

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I think it's because at her core, Psylocke is that warm-hearted, loving character like you said, but she's also a realist. She knows that not everything can be solved with love and kindness, so although that's her natural inclination, as she had shown with Kid Apocalyspe, she's learned to be willing to do what has to be done. That willingness itself is drawn from her love of her friends and family, and her need to care for and protect them-- which she'll do at any cost. Unlike her coldness in during the Crimson Dawn, I feel like this time around her increasing coldness is just a testament to her heart. It's shown how much she was willing to sacrifice, how far she was willing to go in order save, well, the world. We've only just found out that she's given away her capacity for sorrow, and we've seen that she's at least capable of feeling something like love or lust, so I doubt Remender will make her transition to being a complete ice queen. Instead, I think it will be more like two sides of a coin; Her caring side, and her no-nonsense, do what must be done side. Sort of like her powers with the fluctuations in tp and tk. Psylocke has a wonderful duality to her.

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I think as long as she doesn't become an unfeeling robot, then all will be good. But for honesty sake, I think I understand why Remenders doing this. That woman has Mental resilience for days, no matter the body. Her only fear is dying again, She knows whats on the otherside, has been through more than once. I think she's sick of dying, sick of people manipulating her, sick of people taking away her choices, sick of losing friends and lovers, just sick of it all. YET that English lion in her want to protect what matters to her most, and i'm thinking the only way to do this is to remove her Sorrow for what she may have to do. If her heart can't be broken anymore, then it hurts less when she takes people out, or loses people.

I do think Wolverine will be instrumental in getting her Emotions back though. He was there for her throughout all phases of her time in the X-men, and even vouched to get her in. He also told her they needed to talk about her fascination with death. If anything brings her back on track it'lll be him.

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@ragdollpurps: @Tazirai: you're both so totally dead on, thanks for helping me keep the faith :)

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I got that she sold her sorrow and stuff, but do we know the extent of it?

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@RogueOracle: Straight from the horse's mouth:

As for Betsy's deal with Krokwell, where does that leave her? Is she unable to feel any pain, suffering, hurt, sorrow, or guilt? Will this cause her to become a more cold and distant person, much like what happened to her during the "Crimson Dawn" days? Is that what prompted her to make a move on Fantomex despite killing the love of her life just five issues prior to that?
Rick Remender: Whatever you imagine "sorrow" to mean, Betsy no longer feels that. In my mind, that includes remorse, grieving, depression, and some, if not all, forms of guilt. As to where it is taking her, that would be telling. But it's nowhere she's ever been before and I think it's a nice wrinkle for the character.
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@ragdollpurps: Thanks:D But I'm a little confused by the questioner's phrasing and Remender's vague answer. She can no longer feel sorrow, pain and so on, wouldn't that make her like weirdly happy person since she can no longer feel those dark emotions?

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@RogueOracle: I suppose she would just feel content most of the time, when she's not feeling happy. I'm not sure if she'd still be able to feel angry. That's more like rage, than sorrow. I'm certain she'll be a little more inhibited if the last page of UXF #24 was any indication. xD

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I'm equally confused at this recent turn of events. Surely, as RogueOracle said, if she was no longer able to feel sorrow, guilt, grief, remorse, depression, etc, wouldn't she just be rather cheery? Or is it just that when she isn't feeling sorrow, she just feels hollow (which would explain the way she speaks to Fantomex in #24)?

It reminds me of what's going on in Angel & Faith at the moment, actually. Where a demon has the ability to take away sorrow from someone and leave them without painful memories.

Interesting ideas, but in the end, how will a character progress if they're inhibited or rather refrained to express half of the natural emotions? Let's see where Remender takes this. I doubt we'll be seeing an end to Betsy on X-Force for a good while.

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Well, if you read the latest issue:

We see that she CAN shed tears in her current "sorrowless" state

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I think this will be quickly re-done or re-done in a future issue of Uncanny X-Force. I'm sure Krokwell will be back in the future.

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