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On the streets of America's capital, a battle rages between police officers and the members of a terrorist organization known as the Steel Army. The Steel Army, all of its members encased in a powerful suit of armor, have the early advantage and blast the police officer's cars away. Before they can deliver the final blow, the Protectors arrive. The Protects battle the Steel Army and their teamwork proves to be the winning factor, as the Steel Army is eventually chased off. During the battle, Ferret has noticed that the latest Night Mask, Richard Reinhart, has displayed that he is not quite ready to fight against crime as a super hero. Amazing Man, upon hearing Man of War tell the Protectors to let the Steel Army leave so they can focus on the injured, flies into a rage. Before his rage can cause more damage, a new member of the team, The Witch, arrives and calms Amazing Man down. Back at the Protector's headquarters, the team evaluates their previous fight. Ferret expresses to Philip Reinhart how his son, Night Mask, did poorly in the field and isn't prepared to be a superhero, but Mr. Reinhart dismisses him. The team watches a television broadcast that displays the fear the public have of costumed crime fighters and tensions rise within the team, especially between Ferret and Amazing Man. Man of War leaves to recruit one more member for the team, Mighty Man. Mighty Man is a married man with children, but he agrees to join the Protectors anyway. Meanwhile, Philip Reinhart and Marcia Beckworth go to a meeting with a organized crime leader. Marcia is unaware of it at the time, but realizes that Reinhart is willing to make a deal with anyone so that the Protectors can survive. Suddenly, as they drive away from the meeting, they are attacked by Mr. Monday and his Steel Army.

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