Great Lakes Avengers Vs. Great Lakes X-Men?

I know it probably won't even be bothered with/ mentioned but where will the Great Lakes Avengers stand?

They call themselves Avengers but they're all mutants. I mean, I know they said there would be no new series tying into AvX but I feel like this would be an interesting thing to read and the characters could be taken seriously, for like 20 seconds.

I wonder if Squirrel Girl will feel conflicted at all in the New Avengers?

If they were to have a one-shot written it could have them, on side with the Avengers, battling against former member Deadpool

Or if they chose to side with the X-Men perhaps a conflict with former member Squirrel Girl

Honestly, in my opinion, there are several cool ways to play this angle, but I doubt they will.


(Also, as an aside, I'm pretty sure they've been deemed out of continuity but I could even imagine conflicts arising among the Pet Avengers with Lockheed)

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