Death Watch (Organization)


One of my great grandchildren leads this clan.

Age: N/A physically young but actually older than she looks much older.

Height: 5'8

Weight: ???

Gender: Female

Sex: Straight

Name: Zuri

Death Watch Biography

The Death Watch was an organization formed by Actaeon Athos in the year 1013 A.D,

(Will give a more detailed summary later)

Pawns A.K.A Shadow Demons

Pawns make up the back bone or bulk of the Death Watch organization, despite their humanoid appearance they are not humans they are actually shadow demons conjured up from the darkness by the powerful Actaeon Athos.


  • Enhanced Strength (Capable of crushing diamonds and destroying walls of tungsten with just their punches and kicks like if they were props)
  • Pain Immunity (Cut off their arm they'll continue fighting cut off their legs and stab them in the heart and they'll still continue fighting the only way to put them down permanently are decapitations or complete destruction of the body)
  • Enhanced Speed (They move so fast that to the human eye they appear as blurs or using teleportation powers, other feats include out running speeding locomotives very,very,very easily)
  • Stealth (They are capable of manifesting in the shadows and disappearing into them, since they are part darkness they literally can't be detected in night time as they are every where and no where at once not even life detection or super natural detection can find them as was said before they are the dark)
  • Martial Arts (Each Pawn has have over several hundred years of martial arts experience and has been working for the Death Watch since day one)
  • Life Force Absorption
  • Teleportation


Brutes are the specials forces of the Death Watch organization, they are from a separate branch of the Death Watch led by Zandor's summon Zero.


  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Regeneration
  • Energy Manipulation & Absorption
  • Force Field Generation
  • Enhanced Hearing
  • Enhanced vision + multiple vision modes
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Cnu Zandor (Primary Character)

Height: 6'0

Weight: N/A

Iris color: N/A

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Gender: Male

Born: 460 B.C

Sex: Heterosexual

"Actaeon Athos is my name, I come from an ancient time...I was born in my homeland Sparta and participated in the battle of Thermopylae I was one of the soldiers ordered by Leonidas to retreat back to our homeland much to my disgust I complied"

"But this is not what you want to here not is it?"

"You want to know who I am and what have I become?"


  • Darkness Manipulation (Multiversal lvl at full potential currently Planetary)
  • Absolute Immortality (As long as there is Darkness he will never die, even if his physical body is completely destroyed he will reform at their nearest source of Darkness)
  • Enhanced Speed (Through a magical spell he can place on himself via preparation he is capable of matching any opponent in speed and reaction timing, however his base movement speed is Spiderman at best but he can increase his combat speed to surpass light speed voluntarily)
  • Enhanced Strength (Actaeon is capable of killing mutants with Thing level durability using nothing but the fists of his hands with ease)
  • Pain Suppression (Pleasure,Bliss,Love, are emotions Actaeon used to feel, now they are memories of the past and rarely appear but one thing is for sure is that he no longer feels pain as he's dealt with it all his life he can no longer register it)
  • Magic (Equal to Sauron at his prime, however it takes him preparation to preform high level feats)
  • Master Swordsman (Arguably one of the best in the Universe)
  • Master of Stealth (There's a reason nobody has heard of him before as to now he's decided to come out of the shadows, but for hundreds of years he's been working as a assassin and never got caught or seen in action once)
  • Enhanced Perception (His mask gives him a variety of visions that work magically,such as life detection and more)
  • Time Manipulation
  • Mind Control + Hypnosis
  • Body Possession
  • Master Chemist
  • Supernatural Detection
  • Sleep Inducement
  • Dream Manipulation
  • Master Illusionist
  • Tactical Genius
  • Fear Enhancement
  • Fear Manipulation
  • Psychic Shadow (Highest level there can be, which gives users with telepathy no advantages whats so ever)
  • Prep Master (Surpassing Vandal Savage and Lex Luthor)
  • Transmutation
  • Teleportation
  • Anti-Time Manipulation (People that can control time say like time or rewind, stop won't work on him and his past self will know of the enemies time traveling abilities)


  • He is respectful to his peers and elders


The Mask

This item is one of Zandor's most powerful items in fact he created out of pure dark energy,

(More to come)

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My Bio

Code Name: Ares or Azura or Zandor

Name: Zasalamel

Height: 7,6

Age: 65 million years old

Weight: N/A

Biography: In an alternate reality of The Darkness universe. The Darkness creates a powerful being out of itself, because the Darkness got p*ssed off with god he sent Zasalamel to wipe out the dinosaurs, Zasalamel was created on pluto and made his way from there to earth by using the darkness around him to propel him to earth at light speed with in moments he gathered so much dark energy and kinetic energy that upon landing on earth he created the Chicxulub crater...he continued with his mission

killing various sorts of dinasaurs with his bare hands (he did not have his sword at this time)

Powers and abilities

  • Enhanced Strength (25 tons)
  • Enhanced Durability (Colossus lvl +++ Durability)
  • Elemental Manipulation
  • Environmental Adaption
  • Absolute Immortality
  • Darkness Manipulation
  • Telepathy (Martian Manhunter lvl telepathy)
  • Power Bestowal
  • Power Augmentation
  • Corruption Inducement
  • Spiritual Force Manipulation
  • Pollution Manipulation
  • Affinity (For every second he remains angry his strength,speed,durability doubles, with in ten seconds he can
  • Aura Manipulation
  • Weapon Manipulation
  • Master Swordsman
  • Transmutation

His weapon

It gives him extra abilities including

  • Spatial Manipulation
  • Self Sustenance
  • Energy Manipulation
  • Psychic Shield
  • Psychic Shadow
  • Biological Manipulation
  • Age Manipulation
  • Resurrection
  • Symbol Magic
  • Soul Manipulation
  • Creation
  • Deity Slaying (Can kill gods)
  • Death Wave (Works on mortals only or those with out a healing factor)
  • Death Beam (Works on mortals only or those with out a healing factor)
  • Death Field Projection (Works on mortals only or those with out a healing factor)

Physical Form

In his human disguise he carries an array of weapons such as

  • Atchisson Assault Shotgun
  • Dual M1911 pistols
  • Dual Colt Single Action Army revolvers
  • Noveske N4 Diplomat
  • Gas Operated Automatic Crossbow
  • M67 grenades
  • Adamantium KA-BAR knife
  • Spetnaz knife
  • Semtex grenades
  • Dual mini adamantium chainsaw blades.


Code Name: White Raven or Witch Blade

Name: Penny

Height: 5,11

Age: Physically and currently 18 (325 years of age technically)

Weight: 100 lbs


Penny's origin

In the year 1687 February 14 a young girl was born in Danvers Massachusetts, now said girl was from the blood line of witches dating back to the biblical times, her ancestor was the sorceress that king Saul visited in an attempt to not get killed by the Philistines, now as the familiy tree spread over time it also began to make people more aware of the existence of witches, soon so called witch hunters began killing off the members of the family tree until the last family went into hiding, this family eventually ended up in the U.S which leads us back to Penny's origin.

There were three women, the grandmother of Penny her own mother and her aunt. Her grandmother immediately stopped witch craft after her own mothers death and went on to make sure her children did not do the same, however she failed. she had to daughters one was cassandra and the other sophia, Penny's mother was Cassandra and obeyed her mother and never bothered to even think about witch craft however her sister was the opposite and practiced it greatly and became a powerful sorceress and once Cassandra gave birth to Penny, unknown to them they were given both a Hex by Sophia, eventually Penny found out this Hex was both a gift and curse to her however it was a curse to her mother. Eventually the Salem witch trials began and her mother and grandmother were accused of being witches and were killed before Sophia's own demise she sent young Penny over seas to be adopted by a long time friend of hers in Japan, Penny was five when she was sent away and this so called "friend" happened to be a assassin who than trained Penny into becoming a cold blooded killer, at the age of nine Penny was already killing wanted men. At the age of 10 Penny began to follow in her Ancestors foot steps and thanks to Sophia's Hex she excelled in becoming a sorceress and learning the abilities of a witch and more, eventually it turns out that she was trained by Ninja's and raised in a ninja clan she continued to serve in her foster family until she was 19.

At the age 19 her master/trainer told her that he located the men that killed her family.

Powers and abilities

  • Enhanced Speed (Albert Wesker lvl speed)
  • Flash Precognition (minutes or seconds into the future)
  • Enhanced Regeneration (Bone Claw Wolverine and Dead Pool lvl Regeneration)
  • Enhanced Hearing (She can hear the heart of a fly beating from several blocks away)
  • Telescopic Vision
  • Shape shifting
  • Reincarnation
  • Immortality (She stops aging once she reaches the age 20, and can only be killed by holy weapons or be-heading explosions also work)
  • Wound Transferal (Her wound transferal works at a microscopic level)
  • Intuitive Aptitude
  • Sexual Inducement
  • Poison Kiss/Venom Generation (She can use this power consciously and turn it on and off)
  • Memory Manipulation
  • Zoolingualism
  • Insect Communication
  • Mammal Manipulation
  • Insect Manipulation
  • Astral Projection
  • Night Vision (She can see in complete darkness)
  • Thermal Vision
  • Atomic vision
  • Enhanced Agility (Spiderman lvl agility)
  • Peak Human Flexibility
  • Weapon Manipulation (She can only Manipulate her Ring Blade)
  • Accelerated Probability


Ring Blade


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