My comic reviws of 3/15/2012

Green Lantern #7 - 4/5 - a great issue to a begin the next arc, Sinestro forces a very unWILLing Hal to put back on his ring and dawn his suit once more as they now are to investigate the indigo tribe and find out more about what the guardians are up to. and in the issue we get some plot movement as far as what the guardians plan to do and even what they're willing to do to intiate it. great art in the book, pretty nice spread of hal decking Sinestro in the issue

Suicide Squad #7 - 3/5- so is would seem the origin of harley quinn is concluded with this issue and the squad is sent to the GCPD building to hunt her down. there wasnt anything key in the issue that made this feel like a whole new harley origin story. i think its something that couldve been saved for a mini series, like Penguin: pain and predjudice. But the ending in this issue will definitly have your Jaws Dropped. Cool issue, but not great.

Ultimate Comics X-Men #9 - 2/5- So besides ultimate fallout and Death of spiderman, im pretty much new to the ultimate universe. nd ive liked this series so far. .but this issue in particular had my hopes up because i like colossus. and in the issue i was not pleased with the only appearence he had in this issue. The concentration camp the goverment has kept the mutants in is about to have an uprising. and basically no action takes place in this issue. and when things are starting to get good the issue ends..and with that i say go ahed and skip this issue. but from the ending, you can bet next issue will be good, save your four bucks for that one :)

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