xerox-kitty's Comic Give Away: Ultimate Team-Up #1

Ready to win a totally free comic?  Then watch this...

Colouring-In Conetst

The theme of this Contest was inspired by   JoeyF's topic  Heyyyyy, what's your art doing in my video!? (although I suspect I'm too late to join in the video).  I've been colouring in some of my old Fan Art and had fun with it.  So I thought this would be a fun way for non-artists to have a little artistic fun!

Here's the image you have to colour in...
A Marvel Team-Up By Joe Madureira
A Marvel Team-Up By Joe Madureira
For a larger image, go to the image's page & click on the magnifying glass logo in the centre of the picture ;)

The Rules

  • Only one entry per person.  Using multiple accounts is cheating; all subsequent entries will be eliminated.
  • No collaborations allowed.  You can ask others for advice or seek out tutorials on the internet.  But only you can colourise your entry.  There's only one prize & there can only be ONE winner.
  • All three characters must be coloured in.  If you exclude any of the characters, then your entry will be considered 'incomplete' and you will be asked to finish your entry before it is accepted.
  • You can use ANY colour & textures!  Get creative...  After all, which Hulk is this?  Red or Green?  Is Wolverine in his old brown outfit, or has he gone for a more radical rainbow colour scheme?  And is your Spider-Man daring enough to wear something other than red & blue?

The Prize

This copy of Ultimate Team-Up #1 was purchased upon publication.  It was read once, and has lived inside the bad with board (the one in the video) ever since.  


Post your entry in a comment to this thread.  All entries must be received by Monday 30 May 2011 by 21:00 (9pm) BST.  That's British Summer Time.  I'm afraid I don't know what time that is around the world, so make sure you check the internet for Time Zone conversions.