Madame Web Watches Spidey: A Taster Of Free Comic Book Day 2011

It's no secret that I follow humberto_ramos on Twitter.  I love him as an artist, and he's so friendly he will reply to your tweets.  And like many other comic creators on Twiiter he posts little teasers of future work to come.  This little taster is by Humberto Ramos & Edgar Delgado, but this eye candy isn't meant to separate your cash from your wallet.  This is to celebrate the one day of the year when comics are free...! 
The mysterious Madame Web is looking a lot younger these days.  Arachne is settling into her new role as she looks back over the landmark moments of Peter Parker's youth.  From his days as an infant, to the infamous spider bite and the tragic death of his Uncle Ben.

Spider-Man Free Comic Book Day 2011
Spider-Man Free Comic Book Day 2011
Anyone else looking forward to Free Comic Book Day?  Anyone else love this two-page summary of the origins of Spider-Man?   I love this so much that I jut had to share it...!